Winter Staples: Fashion, Beauty, Makeup & Books

Winter, oh winter! If you live in a cold climate, you know how brutal winter can be. Basically, somedays it's so cold that going outside is not an option. So, I have decided to pick a few things that make winter not so bad.

All Things Fashion

When it comes to winter staples, to me, it is all about warmth and comfort. Having a warm jacket is a must and having thick jeans that will keep out the winter cold is so important! But for me it is all about the boots, because I used to be one of those people who would never wear snow or winter boots and my feet would get so cold. So from now on, I wear sorrels during the dead of winter when it's cold and snowy outside. It is a must!! Another is having a super a warm winter jacket. Warm jackets can go from $199 to $900 dollars. We all know the brands that charge an arm and a leg for their jackets. But I think it is important to invest in a winter jacket because you will feel the harsh cold weather if you don't. I got mine from Marks Wearhouse, it isn't  exactly fashion, but man is it warm and comfortable. My jacket was $299 but I got it on sale for about $199. 

Winter Stables: Fashion, Beauty, Makeup & Books
winter staples

All Things Beauty

To me, when it comes to beauty during the winter months; it's all about keeping the dry skin away. I get so dry and itchy during the dry winter months that my skin bleeds because I'm scratching my dry skin so much.…I know so gross. So to stop this, I spend a lot of time moisturizing my body. My number one is bathing with a mild soap that is moisturizing or exfoliating. What this does is help my skin take away all the dryness while also moisturizing my body. Another step is having body lotions that will do the job of getting your skin moisturized. I have been using Jergens and St. Ives body lotions since I was 8 years old and I can’t tell you enough how it has helped my skin throughout the years. When it comes to my face, I go in with essential oils. I am currently using squalene oil from Deciem and it has been amazing. I am also using the hyaluronic acid serum from Deciem, which helps with retaining moisture in your skin. These two have been life savers!

winter fashion
Winter Stables: Fashion, Beauty, Makeup & Books

All Things Cozy

To me, when it comes to winter, it's also about being super cozy and comfortable. So, I love to read books that make me feel cozy and happy. I am currently reading “The Last Summer Of You & Me” and it’s been so nice. I haven’t been into reading in the past year, so returning to my favourite past time with one of my favourite books has been amazing! I love wearing huge sweaters that basically engulf me while I read. Which is another way I feel super cozy too!

Basically, winter is a time for the indoors, it is about the introvert in all of us and especially in me! I love it and I love to stay inside!

Also, here is a new video of all the winter staples you will need this season. Have a watch!!

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