Why The Tote Bag Is Everything Right Now

I just got on to the tote bag band wagon and I couldn't be happier. Obviously, the tote bag has been around forever but lately, I have noticed that most girls are going towards a big tote bag or medium size messenger bag. Big purses aren't really a thing anymore. I use my tote bag everyday and it is always filed with everything I might need during the day. It can fit my 15 inch laptop, lunch bag, planner, and literally everything. Sometimes, when I go grocery shopping and need bit more room for my stuff I put it in there,…I know I'm so classy. Let's just say it’s a little life saver. One thing I love about my tote bag is that it is a black. It is incredibly stylish and it never really goes at out of style, which is the most amazing part.

tote bag
tote bag
saint laurent tote bag
black tote bag

First of all, it fits everything and anything. It is so big and easy to carry! I love mine so much! I had the urge to get one after watching The Anna Edit video of what's in my bag, where she talks about her Saint Laurent bag. After watching that video I wanted a tote bag so much. But Anna's retails for 1200 dollars Canadian, and I don't have that kind of money at all.

lulu lemon tote bag

 So, I went on a wild goose chase to find an affordable one and I stumbled upon this tote bag. It's from Old Navy and it retails for 40 dollars. Now it's no Saint Laurent by any means but I have held that one and I have to say besides the fact that the material feels better with Saint Laurent bag, there isn't much of a difference in the way it is made and how it is on the inside. But there are so many great tote bags in every price range, I will put them down below! Also, have a watch at my most recent video!!

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Are you in the market for a tote bag? Let me know down below!!