Travel Kit For Long Flights, Bus & Train Rides

The summer is coming soon and most of us are planning mini trips or big long vacations. As such, we need a kit to help us through the long plane, train, and bus rides. I won't be traveling a lot this summer but here are my tips for traveling. Before I give you items that will go into your travel kit, here are a few tips for those who have to fly.

  • If you are afraid of flying, the major thing you have to do is tell one of the flight attendants. I know this sounds stupid but most flight attends are pretty nice and have dealt with many different kinds of people. So don’t be afraid to tell them that you are scared of flying, if you tell them, they will check up on you through-out the flight and pay special attention to you. Hopefully, this will help.
  • Plan distractions, this is a major one. Whether that be taking a pill to put you to sleep. Or having a book or watching the movies and TV shows provided, have your distractions in place.
  • Depending on the kind of person you are and what you believe in, pray, mediate, or write down positive thoughts and when you get scared read them.
  • Always remember, flying is the safest way to travel, that alone should give you some comfort, but only you can determine how big that comfort is.

What Goes In Your Travel Kit

The Important Stuff: You will need your travel documents, wallet, and phone. Don’t forget these. Besides that, the first thing I pack is a small medicine kit. In this kit I have Advil/Tylenol, these two are great for the headaches that you might experience or if you have any other pains that can be worsen by sitting for too long (i.e cramps for me). Pepto, because the last thing you need is  stomach issues when traveling. Car sickness pills for those who get car sick. Allergy medication (if needed), hand sanitizer because vehicles are dirty. Tooth paste/Tooth brush if there is a bathroom on board. If there is not, I take a pack of mint gum. Pads/Tampons because we have all been there when it's that time of the month and we are on a long journey.

reading on a plane
iphones and ipads

The Entertainment Stuff: Having a book or a magazine is essential. I often love reading magazines when I am on a long flight, train, or car ride. It is the only time I actually sit down and read them. A book is often a great idea because you can really get into it, time will pass by so quickly when you're reading, so your journey will literally be a breeze. If reading is not for you, then bring your computer or tablet, download your favorite movies or TV shows and binge watch it all. Watching a fun show or movie has a way of making time pass by quickly. Lastly, don’t forget your head phones, get a good pair and take it with you.

The Beauty Stuff: This part totally depends on if you will get on your flight, train, or bus ride with make-up on or off.

Make-Up On: Take a foundation stick. There are plenty on the market, choose the one that you like. Foundation sticks are a great way to touch up your make-up without having to deal with liquid foundations. Also, a press powder with an applicator is another wonder option.

  • Small blush to bring some colour to the face is also great. You can also use a blush stick for this one or the one you have at home. Blushes are normally small so they don’t take up space.
  • Mascara to bring life to the eyes. Small sample mascaras  are great for this, so if you come across one, get it.
  • Lastly, a lip gloss or lipstick to keep your lips feeling and looking good.

Make-Up Off: If your journey begins in the morning, then wash your face, moisturize it, and put some lip balm on your lips. If your journey begins later in the day and  you were wearing make-up, then this is what you will need.

  • Make-Up Remover Wipes, use a couple of these to remove your make-up. Make sure you use the ones that leave your skin feeling fresh.
  • Face Cream, apply some cream to your face and some eye cream too, especially if your prone to under eye discolouration or bags.
  • Lastly, some lip balm or Vaseline to keep your lips feeling soft.

What is in your travel kit? I would love to know!

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