Top Self Help“ish” Books Written By Female Comedians

I  am not into reading fictions or self-help books at all. But, I love these ladies and lets be honest we can all use a little help. Also, it doesn't hurt that these women are funny! 

“Yes Please” By: Amy Poehler

Why I want to read this: I want to read this because I admire women like Poehler. She is incredibly talented. She is the kind of woman I want to listen to and have a cup of tea with. I feel like I can relate to her and maybe, I can learn a few things too.

“Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)” By: Mindy Kaling

Why I want to read this: Mindy Kailing is the best friend we all want and need. There is something real about her that I can’t quite describe. I loved her in “The Office” where she played Kelly, who is the perfect representation of every young girl trying to find herself while attempting to mold her own identity without a huge connection to her race or ethnic background. She is now staring and writing her own show called “The Mindy Project”. Although I don’t watch the show regularly anymore, Mindy is the kind of girl that I can see myself being friends with. I relate to her issues around weight, issues surrounding her being more “curvy” and also being a woman of colour. A part of me feels like I could learn something deep, as though I wouldn’t just be laughing but realizing something about myself while read this book.

“Bossypants” By: Tina Fey

Why I want to read this: I view Tina Fey as a strong woman, much like Poehlr, duh…they are bestfriends. Fey is so talented but there is something honest about her that I can’t always put my finger on. She is realistic, she is the kind of woman you can look at and say I want to be like her one day. Fey posses a realistic ideal that many women can achieve. By saying this, there is admittance that Fey possess a realness that many women in her position fail to have. There is something about Fey that I think is not all fun and games. And I really like that about her.

“Not That Kind Of Girl: A Young Women Tells You What She’s “Learned” By: Lena Dunham

Why I want to read this: I love the show “Girls” and I have been watching since the first episode. Like the show, Dunham is no stranger to criticism. Her book has had a lot press since it was released, especially concerning her little sister. Just like her show, Dunham’s book has been under an intense amount of scrutiny. I was never interested in reading this book because I feel like I don’t have a lot to learn and also because I think she got paid way too much to write it. But besides that, I wanted to read it recently because of the criticism Dunham had received in the media about her relationship with sister. I also wanted to know the kind of background she grew up in and her journey into becoming one of the youngest females to be the star, writer, and producer of a show solely based on her life and experiences.

Which one of these books are you gonna pick up?

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