Top 4 Drugstore Beauty Products Worth The Buy

There is so many things at the drugstore! (I recently wrote a post on returning to drugstore. If you want to give that a read, click here.) There is also so much to love at the drugstore, so I have put together a mini list of the products I love.  P.s, there is a video at the bottom of the post with an in-depth review of these products, scroll down to watch!! 

Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser: This product is so amazing!! It cleans your skin without stripping it of its moisture. It has no soap, there is no dyes in it and it cleans out your pores so well!! My face always feels clean and refreshed after I use it!

Marcelle Ultra Gentle Moisturizing Cream: This product is incredibly moisturizing...I was so surprised by this, I honestly don't why I was so surprised, lol! It leaves your skin feeling smooth and moisturized without it being too oily or dry. It is also so great under your make-up, so much so that, I went without a primer while using this cream! I love the Marcelle line of face and skincare products so much and I am so excited to use more of their products.

Neutrogena ultra gentle daily cleasnser
marcelle ultra gentle moisturizing cream

Nivea Moisturizing Night Cream: I have been using the Nivea night creams for so long. It is completely moisturizing and it is not oily at all. I love this product and it is so incredibly affordable which is also one of the best parts of this product!

NYX Highlight and Contour Pro Palette: I love this palette so much. I used four powders out of the 8 powders and I thought they were amazing. What I loved about this palette was that anyone and everyone can use them to highlight or contour. I used three powders as an all over the face powder and used one as my highlighting powder. It lasted me over 7 months, which I think is worth the 24 dollars I spent on it!!

What are your favorite drugstore products that are worth the buy?