Top 10 Fictional Boyfriends

We all wish we had the perfect boyfriend, so I have gathered a few fictional boyfriends who are always perfect!!

Edward from “Twilight”: Okay let’s get this one right out of the gate. Edward was my first fictional crush. I fell in love with him and I will admit it, I wanted him. Not only is he a wealthy vampire, he is super hot and can read your mind so he will always know what you want.

Favourite Quote: “I love you. You're my only reason to stay alive... if that's what I am.”

Jacob from “New Moon”: As much as I love Edward, Jacob is my favorite “Twilight” character. And if I had to choose between Jacob and Edward, I would choose Jacob and yes I am saying that Bella choose wrong. I just love everything about Jacob, I love his sense of humor, his body, and his sensitivity.

Favourite Quote: “But I’ll never see anyone else, Bella. I only see you. Even when I close my eyes and try to see something else.”

Peeta from “The Hunger Games” Series: Peeta is a sweetheart. He is actually one of the best fictional boyfriends ever. He is sweet, kind, loving, and he knows how to bake. I love bread and any man who can bake bread has a place in my heart. And the whole real or not real thing? Man, am I a sucker for that.

Favourite Quote: “It's not necessary. My nightmares are usually about losing you…I'm okay once I realize you're here.”

Adam from “Before I Die”: This character is so strong. He has seen it all and been through hell. He is so supportive and wonderful. The courage to fall in love with a dying girl is amazing and the gift he gives to Tessa in her short life is incredible.

Favourite Quote: “I love you. It hurts more than anything ever has, but I do. So don't you dare tell me I don't. Don't you ever say it again!”

Henry from “The Time Traveler’s Wife”: I love Henry for many different reasons but the main one is the fantasy aspect of the kind of romance he can give to you. The idea that you can know your soul mate from a young age is interesting. And to know that he is always there in some part of time even if he is not physically there is also wonderful.

Favourite Quote: "I hate to be where Clare is not. And yet, I am always going, and she cannot follow.”

Charlie from “The Perks of Being A Wallflower”: I love Charlie, he is so sweet and honest. I love that he is not afraid to confront his demons and that he deals with things head on. I love that he understands people without them having to explain themselves. Although he has a lot going on, Charlie is a good friend and would make the best boyfriend

Favourite Quote: “We didn't talk about anything heavy or light. We were just there together. And that was enough”

Photo Credit     *Imaginary casting*  

Photo Credit    *Imaginary casting*  

Paulo from “The Last Summer of You and Me”: Paulo is a troubled man but when he loves you, he really loves you. Again, he is a character that is super sensitive, he is intelligent, and honest. I would give anything to fall in love on a beach during the summer with a guy like Paulo.

Favourite Quote: “He didn't know if she was awake or asleep, but he felt her heart beating and the further pulse of it in her hands when he held them. He felt the ridge of her shin against his, the softness of her thigh. He didn't know what it meant, but he felt deeply comforted by her skin, her warmth, and the way she always let him in. The things he most loved about holding on to Alice were the same. The feel of a body he trusted.”

Photo Credit       *Imaginary casting*  

Alex from “Perfect Chemistry”: Alex is all kinds of yum. He is dangerous, he is super hot, and he is extremely loyal. What more could a girl ask for? Absolutely nothing.

Favourite Quote: “I want to tell her how much she's become the center of my being. But I can't. The words won't come.”

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Owen from “Elsewhere”: Owen is a strong character; he is very mentally strong. He is what I would call an upstanding guy, loving, sweet, and so smart.

Favourite Quote: "When I said 'I like you very much,' I actually meant 'I love you.'

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Ethan from “Something Blue”: I loved Ethan in ''Something Blue''. He is the kind of guy we all want to end up with. A guy that allows you to see your true potential in life. The kind of man who loves you no matter what. Someone who will support you even when you can’t support yourself. I just love him.

Favourite Quote: “Love and friendship. They are what make us who we are, and what can change us, if we let them.”

Love all these fictional boyfriends, which one is your favourites? Put your favourites down in the comment section!!

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