The Perfect Spring & Summer Dress For Any Event

Summer is on it's way, as I write this, it is currently 29 degrees in Toronto. Let's just say it's hot! With summer comes parties, events, weddings, and the occasional hangout that you want to look great for. I found this dress at H&M and when I saw it, I knew I had to have it. It was only 19 dollars, so I had to buy it. It is called a Crepe dress. At first, I didn't think it would look that great on me but then I put it on and I loved it. When I wear it, I get a bit self conscious because it has no sleeves but I try very hard to feel as confident as I can! 

h&m crepe dress
crepe summer dress

I paired the dress with two light shawl like pieces. There was the busy patterned one and the solid blue. I think both work well depending on the kind of look your going for. The downside is I have forgotten where I bought the two shawls from but this look will work with a jean jacket, blazer, or any shawl that you like.  I also paired the outfit with a pair of wedges I got from target. If you want this dress, click here!

The Perfect Spring & Summer Dress
summer dress
The Perfect Spring & Summer Dress
what to wear to a summer party

What's going to be your summer dress? Let me know down below!