The Blue Stripped Shirt

The blue stripped shirt trend is everywhere and I am loving it! Blue is really the colour of 2017 and if we were to pick what style is the most easily worn this year, it would be the blue stripped top. The fun part is that it comes in so many different forms. From off the shoulder, to a button down shirt, to a flowy top. This stripped blue combo is not going anywhere, and I am so happy about it!! I got this one from Old Navy and I just love it. It's super comfortable and so easy to wear. There are so many different type of blue stripped shirt in the market right now so I know you will find the right one for you. I have put a few suggestions down below for you, so take a look! Plus, there is a look book video at the end of the post!!! 

blue stripped shirt


I also thought that the ripped jeans made this look a super causal one. Which I loved. I love these rip jeans so much! I know for some people they are a bit much but I can't help but love them! I also added the flowery flats to bring a bit more brightness to the outfit. 

*(couldn't find the exact ones for the jeans and flats on the site. But I linked to very similar ones)*

ripped jeans for summer
flowery shoes for spring
blue stripped shirt, spring
bev's eye view