Strong Female Characters In Television & Film Right Now

We live in 2017 and although that comes with its struggles, one of the things I am grateful for is all the new movies and shows that feature strong female characters. And although, there is still so much more to do in terms of representation of diversity, gender, race, religion, and culture; I am still glad that television and film is slowly moving towards showing real women on screen. So, here are five T.V shows and movies that have strong female characters in them!

Moana: I honestly would not have heard about Moana if it wasn't for my  7 year old sister wanting to watch it. And the first time I watched it, I was like nah, its not as good Mulan. But the second time, I loved it and I saw how brave and strong this girl was to go out and explore and discover something more. I also love the ending so much because it teaches young girls a lesson on bravery and the importance of being yourself. Moana is such a strong female character that comes from a different culture with a different language. Her culture is extremely important to her and I love that because it shows young girls that they don't have to fit in, they can be themsleves.

Wonder Woman: I love super heroes as much as the next person. But, I had been hearing about how good this movie was, so I got two of my close girlfriends and my little sisters and went to watch it. I loved it, the acting and story isn't great but I loved the action and the empowerment. There were so many action scenes with women, where I was like what the hell? Women can kick ass like that? I am so used to seeing only men kick ass and do really cool fighting scenes. So, when I saw all the fighting scenes with wonder woman and the rest of the ladies, I was shook. I loved it and I loved that my sisters got to see a girl kick ass and save the day. Also, my 7 year old sister who loves Moana said that she likes wonder woman more than Moana, and I think that says a lot.

The Women Of "Insecure": I love this show so much because it represents me. For so long when I watched a group of friends on TV, I couldn't fully relate. Maybe, I would relate through characteristics or fashion, but now I can relate in terms of culture, gender, race, and more. Most importantly, the girls are diverse in character and personality, which is so important. They are strong Black woman with different careers and levels of education, they are smart, funny, and I think they represent a lot of women out there. Ps, if you liked the show "Girls" you will love this show too!

The Women In "Big Little Lies": I loved this so much! It was beautifully written, acted, and shot. It is a great storyline with incredibly actors. I also love the theme of strong female relationships. We are often missing strong female relationships on TV, one that is not full of jealousy or malice. Although this show is a murder mystery, it is also about the strength of female friendships and what can happen if we as woman put aside the roles that have be ascribed to us by a patriarchal society and just live our best lives.

The Women In "Handmaid's Tale": I think if you are a woman, no matter your race, culture, faith, or belief, you need to watch this show or read the book. As someone who has done both, I literally couldn't get through an episode without crying, feeling helpless, or angry. I think this series shows what can happen if women don't speak up and if we continue to be silent on things that really matter. Most importantly, the show has a diverse cast with women of different backgrounds, women who are suffering from mental illness, women who fight for other women and women who don't. There is a lot of women on this show and it is such an empowering show to watch. 

What are your favorite TV shows or movies with strong female characters? Put them down below!

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**This article was originally published in September 2017**