On Trend & Fashionable Jeans For Spring & Summer

This year, jeans have gone from boring skinny jeans to something out of this world. Right now, the trends are skinny jeans with fringe at the bottom, fringe is so so SO in right now!! There is still the ripped jeans, whether that is in the form of the skinny jeans or baggy boyfriend jeans. The most shocking trend this season is embroidered jeans, with flowery patterns. This is a trend I never thought would come back into style.

Here are jeans that are so in fashion and on trend, grabbing a couple of these for the spring and summer is the way to go.  

Links for pictures are below

Links for pictures are below

The Mother Flirt Fray: This one is from Club Monaco. This pair of jeans plays on two major trends of 2017, the ripped and fringe look. Perfect for casual days to a night out.

The 3X1 Cropped Fringe Jean: These ones are also from Club Monaco! Playing on the cropped jean trend with the exaggerated frayed hem; this pair of jeans is on trend. Perfect for the office to  being paired with a nice pair of heels, these jeans are the way to go for any girl who wants to play it safe but still be fashionable. 

The Straight Regular Relaxed Jeans: This pair is a relaxed fit with the two major trends of frayed bottoms and ripped affect. This is the perfect casual pair for the weekends and running around in the city. This pair is from H&M! 

The Light Wash High-Rise Wide-Leg Crop Jean: These jeans are the classic style that is so reminiscent of the late 90s. It is cropped with a very wide leg. This is for those who miss their 90's style. This pair of jeans is from Banana Republic.

The Boyfriend Straight Jeans: This is my favourite type of jeans. It a loose fit and it's on trend with the ripped affect on the knees. This one is for those who aren't ready to completely embrace the new trends but still want to be fashionable. This lovely pair is from Old Navy.

Links for picture below.

Links for picture below.

The Denim dungarees: Bring back your childhood with these pairs of jeans. This is a grown-up twist on the childhood classic. A fun and trendy way to wear jeans. This pair is from H&M. 

The Pilcro Hyphen Applique Mid-Rise Jeans: These jeans are so incredibly pretty. The gold embroidered detail is fun and so very chic. This pair of jeans is perfect for the night out or a a fun event. So easy to wear and oh so very pretty. This pair is from  Anthropology. 

The Pilcro Hyphen Embroidered Mid-Rise Jeans: I love this pair of jeans. It is the simpler version of the the gold one. It is more casual and can be worn every single day. I need to get my hand on one of these, very soon. This one is also from Anthropology.

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Which pair of jeans do you want to try on? Put your favourites down below! 

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