My Top 7 Lessons I Learnt From University

University taught me so many different things. I am so glad I got to go and experience it. I learned so many things that has made me such a well rounded person.  Here are a few things I have learned in the years I attend university.

Theory Is Important And You Will Use It In The Real World: The one thing you learn in university is theory. There is a theory about everything in this world and while you learn it, you think you will never use it again or it is somehow not true. But the truth is, as you go out into the real world, all the theories about race, politics, culture, religion, language, food, etc, all of them are true; because things happen and you remember what that professor said about race and it's impact in politics, and it all just clicks in. 

The People You Meet Have A Great Impact On You: You will meet so many people in university or college. People who will become life long friends, people who you will hate, people who will push you to be better, and people who will teach you and make you think differently. University and college are sometimes a little world on a campus and it is so cool. These people will impact the way you think and how you think. They will inspire you and drive you to places you never thought you would go.

Lessons I Learnt From University
7 Lessons I Learnt From University

All Kinds Of Awakening: University is a time for growth and you will grow a lot! There is so much that goes on and it is crazy. There are so many awakening in university, from political to religious awakening; there is just a lot you open your eyes to. The most amazing part is the people who inspire these awakenings because it is often people who open your eyes to things you need and things you never dreamt of wanting.  

Life Long Friendship: The most amazing part of university is the friends you make. They make and break the whole experience and that is so amazing and weird all at the same time. I made so many friends in university that I am still close to today.

You Are More Intelligent: Honestly, I believe that university makes you smarter and I don't mean to sound elitist in any way. I don't mean book smart but that is also a big part to it. There are a lot of things you see and experience in school that makes you a smarter person. But also, it allows you to be academically intelligent which is amazing. You are able to understand things differently.

7 Lessons I Learnt From University
7 Lessons I Learnt From University

It's Okay To Not Know Anything: One of things I learnt from university is that no matter what I learned, there is still so much I don't know. That's the beauty of knowledge and school, which is that there is so much more to discover and so much more to know. You will never learn everything about one thing and I think that is the best part because it drives you to want to know more.

You Will Never Be Prepared For The Real World: No matter what you learn in university, who you meet, the experiences you have, you will never be ready or prepared for the world that is out there. There is so much going on outside the world of university that no matter what, you will never be prepared for it all. That's both amazing and crazy but I think there is something incredibly beautiful about it.

If you would like, I put together a video of how I choose the university and college I went to. Along with my own personal journey! Have a watch! 

What lessons have you learnt after university or college? Or are you about to start university or college?  Let me know!

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