My Personal Goals For 2019

This year is the year I turn 29, which is so weird. I am only one year away from turning 30 which is crazy to me. This year, I want a lot of things and I have made a few personal goals I really want to achieve. Plus, if I put them on here then you guys can hold me accountable, lol but please don’t be too hard on me!

Get My Own Place: I have always lived with roommates, from my family to friends in college, to friends after college. I have to say that for the most part I have loved it and it has been nice. But last year, I started to get this huge need to go at it alone, so this year, I really want to get my own place and see how it goes.

My Personal Goals For 2019

Finish Writing My Book: I love writing and I wrote a book and a half of one about 10 years ago but I have just let it sit there. So, this year I want to really dig into rewriting those two books and start also writing new ones. I always have ideas but no time to sit and write them. So this year, I really want to make sure I get at least one book written.

Read More: I used to love to read. I would read about one book a week and in a year I would end up reading like 40 to 44 books but then I just stopped. I don't really know what happened but I no longer really enjoyed reading books anymore. But I have missed it, I have missed it so much. For this year, I have made a very simple goal of reading 12 books and I think I might actually do it. Wish me luck!

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Fresh Start: I have felt really stuck in the past couple years and although things have been difficult, I have learned so much. The thing is, I just feel stuck and glued to everything around me and so I have been looking at ways I can really get a fresh new start in 2019. Most importantly, I just want to be more free and live my best life.

Career: 2018 taught me my career wasn't going where I thought it would go. I really learned to be honest with myself about many aspects of my career. Number one, my YouTube channel isn't growing, I have tried over the past four years to really get it to grow and it is just not working and I don't love it as much anymore. Yes, I am deeply disappointed because I gave it my all and it still didn't do well. So, I have decided that it won't be the main focus of my talent but I also really love YouTube and creating video content. So this year, I am going to do more vlogs and be really relax with it because doing it allows me to constantly learn about filming, editing, and creating graphics, it is a still a skill set that I have and love. This year, I really want to focus on writing and I have become a contributor to a Canadian online magazine called "find your pleasure" ! My goal this year is to write for Flare, Teen Vogue, Essence, Elle, and any majour magazine because well, why not? 

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Let Myself Be Loved: I have shared on here how I find dating difficult but I haven't shared on here how I often decline dates/relationships because I really don't know how to let someone like me. Obviously, I have done some soul searching and have realized this, so, I really want to work on letting a guy who likes me like me. I am gonna work on not being self deprecating or so independent that I refuse to depend on someone. I don't know if this makes sense but yea, that's what I am feeling. So, I am just going to work on it and relax and just go with the flow. 

Finances: I think this year, I really want to work on my finances and saving money. I want to do research into retirement saving plans, saving to buy a house one day, insurance to make sure that God forbid something happened I would be okay. These are things, I really need to look into because your home girl is 29 and isn't a child no more. So, I am gonna really put on my big girl pants and sit down and figure all of this sh*t out. Send help, lol.

So here you go, an in depth analysis of my goals for 2019! I promise I will do a recap to see if I was able to do any of it. Please wish me luck! Also, let me know about your goals for 2019.

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