Must Read This Fall

Fall is almost here and that means there are so many books to read! Here are four books that are a must read for the Fall! Cozy up because you are gonna love this!

long way down by jason reynold review
lightning men by thomas mullen review

"Long Way Down" By: Jason Reynolds: When I read the back of this book, I knew I had to get my hand on it. The story centres on Will, who's older brother has been shot dead. So, what does a teenage boy who lives in a bad neighbourhood do? He goes out for revenge. The book is easy to read because there is only 100 words per page. But this YA novel deals with themes of revenge, gun violence, and what it means to be a disenfranchised teenage boy living in a bad and violent community. 

"Lightning Men" By: Thomas Mullen: This book takes place in the 1950's in the United States. An era were racial tensions are extremely high and racist roam free, also like but not at all. With two cops, one Black and the other White, they try to find their footing amongst, the KKK, general racists, and the deep seeded racial politics of the south. If this does not sound interesting to you, then I don't know what else can be!

nowhere girls by amy reed
strange fire by tommy wallach

"The Nowhere Girls" By: Amy Reed: This book reads girl powers. The novel centres around a group of girls who come together after one of their classmate is raped. They decide to form a group that stands against the sexism in their school and change their school for the better. It dives into the sexual politics of teenagers, sexual assaults, and male dominated communities that silence women. I mean how cool does that sound? 

"Strange Fire" By: Tommy Wallach: Here's another dystopian novel! This one takes place hundreds of years from now, where humans have been punished for their hunger. Hunger for power, money, and knowledge. Two teenage brothers who are the sons of a powerful people travel city to city preaching a new gospel. And of course there is a group of people who want to go back to the past. What's most interesting about this novel is that it has a bit of religious mythology in it, which makes it different. So if you are looking for a dystopian novel which doesn't have a young female heroine than this might be for you...although young heroines are the best!

What books are you read this fall? Also, are you in the mood for make-up video? I know totally not related but if you are, click below and have a watch!

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