Five Books With Strong Female Characters

I love reading books with strong female characters and I have decided to put together five strong females; with diverse backgrounds that I love. 

 Mariam from “A Thousand Splendid Suns”: This woman is one of the strongest female characters that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting in the literary world. Mariam is a woman who had struggled since childhood. Abandoned by those she loved and shamed for being herself, Mariam never really had anyone to connect to. She is a woman full of dreams and wants nothing more than to be loved and to love.

Her Strenght: Mariam is truly selfless and is willing to sacrifice everything, including her life for the people she loves.

Favourite Quote: “Laila crawled to her and again put her head on Mariam's lap. She remembered all the afternoons they'd spent together, braiding each other's hair, Mariam listening patiently to her random thoughts and ordinary stories with an air of gratitude, with the expression of a person to whom a unique and coveted privilege had been extended.”

Minny from “The Help”: Minny is a sharp-witted woman. Strong, hard working, funny, friendly, and a wonderful supportive friend. Minny will do whatever she needs to do to keep those whom she loves safe. She is selfless and loving. But most of all, she is so funny and has the best attitude.

Her Strength: Minny is willing to risk it all if she believes in a cause. This is especially incredible because this was during a time when people like Minny were not allowed to speak up.

Favorite Quote: “Truth is, I don't care that much about voting. I don't care about eating at a counter with white people. What I care about is, if in ten years, a white lady will call my girls dirty and accuse them of stealing the silver.”

Tessa from “Before I Die”: Tessa is young and carefree, she wants to be famous, to have a hot boyfriend, to stay up all night dancing, and to live. She is determine, strong, and an amazing teenager. She wants so much to have a regular life. Meeting Tessa in this book was life changing. She will make you realize the true meaning of life and what it means to leave it all behind when you are too young.

Her Strength: In the face of all the sadness she has to endure, Tessa still loves and has the best motivation to live a fulfilling life.

Favorite Quote: “We make patterns, we share moments. Sometimes, I think I'm the only one to see it.”

Katniss from “The Hunger Games Series”: It is not often that you have a female character that is strong emotionally and physically. Katniss is one of the strongest female characters that I have ever had the pleasure to read about. She will truly do anything for the people she loves. Katniss will fight to the death for the ones she loves and once she loves you, she will protect you and keep you safe.

Her Strength: She is a badass and will kick your ass if you try to hurt the people she loves.

Favorite Quote: “What I need is the dandelion in the spring. The bright yellow that means rebirth instead of destruction. The promise that life can go on, no matter how bad our losses. That it can be good again.”

Darcy from “Something Blue”: Growth in a character is important and often in books women are stagnant and unmoving. Darcy is one of the best traditional female characters I have ever encountered. She is redeemed by the traditional qualities women are supposed to have, she is written in a cliché way, but she is also the one that changes the most. She develops, learns to see more than what is in front of her. Darcy goes from being completely selfish to being selfless in the most realist of ways.

Her Strength: When all the odds were stacked against her and she was holding herself back, Darcy, somehow finds the will to change and become the kind of woman even she could not have imagined.

Favorite Quote: “But at the time, I honestly didn't think I was hurting anyone, not even myself. I didn't think much at all, in fact. Yes, I was gorgeous and lucky in love, but I truly believed that I was also a decent person who deserved her good fortune.”

What books do you love that also have strong female characters? 

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