How To Survive Being In A Job You Hate

After university, I went into retail and I was there for two years and eight months and I hated it! It was awful and I felt stuck and just tired of it all. I got a job that was in my field after that and I have had time to reflect on my time there. The thing is, sometimes it doesn't matter what you do for a living, you might just hate it and you need to know why and how to get out!

how to survive a job you hate

Examine Why You're There: Is it money? Or is it for experience? You have to examine why you are in this job. Most of the time, it is for the money and it makes walking away from that job really hard. But understanding why you are at that particular job can help put things into perspective. If it is for the experience, then I suggest you put a time limit on it. Knowing this, create a plan that will give you an end goal so you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Working just for money can make things extremely complicated, so I suggest coming up with a hobby or something else you can do, so that you can have more joy in your life.

what to do if you hate your job

Pin Point The Worst Part Of The Job: Is it a person? The job itself? Your attitude? If you hate your job because of a particular person, then you need to do something about it. Is this person bullying you? Harassing you? Or are they just very unpleasant to work with? If it is the first two, then you need to talk to management about it or HR. This can often be scary but the scary thing is to going into work fearing for your safety or piece of mind. If it is the job itself, then you need to know why you hate the job and tackle it. If you feel above the job then you to take actions to leave. If it is your attitude towards the job, then it is time for you to start looking at yourself and how you can change your perspective. Trust me, changing your attitude can change everything.

how to survive a job you hate

Find A Bright Spot: It could be apart of your job you love, or a co-worker you like or agree with. I hated my old job so much that I would wake up on the brink of tears thinking about going in. But then I found a co-worker who became a friend and a buddy; it honestly changed everything for me. Having her there at work made such a huge difference and most of all, it made me be able to handle all the difficulties that came with the job. It is also nice to have someone to joke with and laugh with, having that kind of person makes the job so much easier!!

what to do if you hate your job

Have An Action Plan: Set goals and make steps to get out. If you hate your job then make an action plan to leave. For me, it meant going back to school, interning, creating my blog, and then finally having enough experience to leave. Whatever you have to do to get out, start it and do it. Make a plan and follow it, this is often hard but it is also so rewarding!

Be Brave: Sometimes, you have to Fu*k it and and walk away. Nothing is worth your happiness, so be brave and just walk away. Sometimes doing that can open up the best parts of your life.

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