How To Handle Your Quarter Life Crisis

I think anyone between the ages of 24-30 will tell you they have had or are having a quarter life crisis. And yes, it is a thing. I feel like something happens to you at around that age where you are like, what is going on? What am I doing with my life. So here are a few ways to deal with your crisis. I promise, you will be okay! 

Find The Source Of Your Crisis: Sit down and think about why you feel you have a crisis? Where is it coming from? What is causing it? Are you married with a child but you just realized that you are in your mid-twenties without a career or even an idea of a career? Are you super career driven and have realized that you haven't made time for your love life? Or are you in a marriage/relationship and you are no longer sure of why you're still there? Ask yourself these tough questions and think about them throughly. The only way to solve this is to know where this crisis stems from.

life crisis
quarter life crisis

Tackle It: Once you have realized the source of your crisis, it is time to tackle it. If it is career based, then figure out what needs to done to get you where you need to be. Is it school you need or interning, volunteering, or just stepping back out into the career world. Whatever your crisis is, it is time to be brave and tackle it because if you don't it will eat you alive; and we don't want that, do we?

Be Honest With Yourself: I think that whatever you are feeling, it is important to be honest about it; especially to yourself. I think that sometimes we get scared when we go through something like this, we tend to lie about it or avoid it because it is easier to avoid it than confront it. So whatever your struggle is, confront it head on and be honest with yourself about the issue you are facing.

surviving a quarter life crisis
how to handle a quarter life crisis

Seek Help: This is so important. Go out and find people to help you because if you don't, your crisis can end up ruling your life. Finding help could be talking to a friend, a therapist, a social worker, or a family member. Having someone to talk to or help you plan things out can help you see clearly.  

quarter life crisis
quarter life crisis

Don't Be Selfish: I will keep this very short and simple. Don't let what you are going through turn into actions or words that can hurt those you love. Sometimes our crisis can manifest into something that hurts us and also hurts those around us.

Quarter life crisis is real AF and it can also be very scary but I think it is about figuring it out and helping yourself find a way out. 

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