How To Get Fit & Healthy, When Getting Fit Isn't Your Thing

Eating healthy and working out is tough but it is always important to be positive and do the best you can. I struggle with working out and eating healthy. I used to wish I was skinnier but now I want to be healthy. Understanding the difference is so important, here are my tips on trying to stay healthy and fit!

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Set Realistic Goals: This one is very important. You will not be able to loose 30 pounds in two months. Getting healthy and fit is a long term investment. Like any investment, it needs time to grow. Set the goals you want, but make sure that it is something you can achieve. I find that for me, my goals are very simple. One goal is just to get up and work out. If I can work out once or twice a week I am happy. Do it slowly, so that you are not overwhelmed.

Do Something Fun & Different: What makes working out fun for me is finding different types of work-out videos and classes. I love working out at home because it is my alone time and I can do whatever I want without being anxious about anyone looking at me. I love YouTube videos for this, it is so easy to find great work-out videos like Zumba, Yoga, or Pilates, etc. The best part is that it is free!!  I also love  joining sport leagues! I joined one this January and it has really changed my body and health! Doing this league coupled with my YouTube videos have been so great for me!

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Find A Friend/Buddy: This is a tip a lot of people suggest. For me it doesn’t always work out. I don’t like working out with others, this is because I find it to be weird and I find that I can’t go at my own pace; but if this works for you, then you should do it. Many people find it helpful to have a work-out buddy, so, try it out and if it doesn’t work out; then try something different.

Eat Well: Eat well if you can. This is very hard, especially for me. I find it so difficult to eat well and to eat healthy. Again, I set realistic goals. For me, I try and eat one healthy meal a day. This doesn’t mean that all my other meals are bad but I make the effort to eat one really healthy meal a day.

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Be Kind & Positive: This is SO IMPORTANT! Learning to be positive is the first step to being healthier both mentally and physically. Don’t get harsh or down on yourself if you don’t eat healthy or work-out. Don’t call yourself names or discourage yourself if things don’t go as plan. If you don’t eat healthy, don’t just think that you should just eat more, if you don’t work out, don’t feel down and stop all together. When you feel down say something nice about yourself, if you miss a work-out, plan the next one.

Where these tips helpful? How do you get fit?

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