How To Create The Right Night Time Skincare Routine

Creating night time skincare routine is not hard, I promise! It is very much similar to your morning time skincare routine with a few extra things. There are a couple of things every night time skincare routine needs.

A Cleanser: A good cleanser is the corner stone and foundation to a great skincare routine. Getting a cleanser that will clean your skin properly is so important. I love to go for ultra gentle cleansers that are not harsh on your skin and are meant to give your skin a deep clean. There are so many on the market, from drugstore to high-end cleanser, there is something out there for everyone. If you want to take it a bit further, I would add a cleansing oil or essential oils too as a pre-cleanser. You can use these oils before your cleanser for a double cleanse that will leave your skin feeling even more clean. 

A Toner: After washing your face, I recommend adding a toner. Toners are meant to clean up anything your cleanser didn't pick up, they also shrink pores, which is a great thing, and they also help in your skin's complexion. Add this step and your skin will look and feel better. 

How To Create The Right Night Time Skincare Routine
How To Create The Right Night Time Skincare Routine

A Serum: I all about the serums, they are amazing! I am currently using The Ordinary's Buffet serum and I love it. Serums are not necessary, but I think that they can add to the health and look of your skin. You don't need it but it is great to have. They basically add moisture back to your skin and they can repair damage, and help with age spots, wrinkles, fine lines, among many other things. If you want super affordable serums to try, go with The Ordinary serums, they are so inexpensive and they work! 

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Moisturizer: Serums aren't a must but I strongly believe that moisturizers are a must! You need something that will bring back the moister you have taken out through the day. You need something that will sooth your skin and repair it. For me, it is all about moister, my skin can be very dry and I need a lot of moister. For others, it's about moisturizers that target specific things. But, whatever your need is, a moisturizer is something you need!   

You see that's not hard at all, lol! So easy! I will say that you don't need all of these things. For so long, all I had was a cleanser and a moisturizer and my skin was great. But as you can get older, you need a bit more things to target certain skin, wrinkles and fine lines. But if you don't have these things, I have given some suggestions for each of these night time products above and if you scroll down, you shop this post! If you want to see what my night time skincare routine looks like, watch the video below! 


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