How To Achieve Your Goals In 2018


Be Realistic: Whatever your goals are, they have to be realistic. For example, you can't just be like I want to be a millionaire this year . Are you close or are you working retail and making minimum wage. So when it comes to setting goals, dream big but always make sure that it is realistic. A realistic goal would be, I want to get a a better job this year. That is something that is grounded in reality and can happen. Unless you win the lottery.

Think It Through: Dreaming big is amazing and I always think you should dream big. However, think your dreams through. What does it entail, how realistic is it, and ask yourself, can I make it this happen? Dream big but also be meticulous in thinking it through.

how to achieve your goals

Write It Done: I am a big believer in writing down your goals. I do this every year on the very first day of the year! Studies show, that when you write down your dreams, they are more likely to come true!

Make An Action Plan: Put your dreams and gaols into action. Write down actionable steps. For example, if your goal is to get a better a job, then the steps would be; 1. looking into what it takes to get that job ? 2. Do you need to go back to school or take some night courses? 3. Do you need more experience? 4. Find someone to talk to, who can help you. Taking actionable steps can be very helpful in achieving any goal!

how to achieve your goals

Follow It: Follow the steps you have written down. Go back and check it whenever you start to doubt yourself or forget. 

Be Brave: If you have big dreams and goals, then you need to be brave. Having big goals and dreams is hard and it can be very scary so believe in yourself and the goal.  So be brave and you will do great things!

how to achieve your goals in 2018

Accept The Failure: Sometimes we don't get what we want or we fail. This can be very disheartening but remember this, every no brings you closer to your yes. And what that means is that, if your dreams don't come true or if you worked hard and still didn't get that job, that probably means that it wasn't right for you and what is right for you is waiting for you! Remember what is meant for you can never be taken from you.

Don't Let Your Failures Define You: Don't let your failures or doubts define you. Remember that failure is an opportunity to learn, so learn from it; don't let it define you because it doesn't.

how to achieve your goals in life

Don't Be Jealous: This one is important. Don't be jealous of other people's success. Just cause others are living their dreams doesn't mean you won't get to live yours. Other people's success doesn't make you a failure. Remember to stick to your lane and focus on what is ahead of you, don't focus on other people's goals.

Say It Out Loud: Say your dreams and goals out loud. Say it, think it, dream it, and it will be manifested. I know it sounds weird but I truly think that we should all say our dreams out loud and have it in our thoughts. Let your goals and dreams become a part of your life. 

how to achieve your goals in 2018

Smile, Love, Dance, & Have Fun: Whether your dreams come true or not, learn to smile through all the hard stuff. Understand that you have to love yourself and never doubt your dreams or goals. Learn to let the small stuff go and not to sweat the things that don't matter. Also, just dance it out. Learn to have fun. Your dreams should give you a happy feeling not a stressed out one, so learn to have fun with it.!


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