Four Tips To Cure Dry Lips In Winter

The winter weather is hard on all of us, but it is especially hard on our skin. The cold weather causes dry skin and for me in particular, my lips dry up and become chapped and cracked. I'm also sure that most of you guys have the same problem, so I have gathered four tips and remedies to cure dry lips.


This is something you should do at least once a week. I do this myself and it costs me nothing. When you have finished brushing your teeth, run your rinsed brush over your lips for 10-15 seconds. Do this once a week and you will be surprised. Another tip is using sugar, get a table spoon of sugar and a little bit of water and apply it to lips. This is a sweet way to get smooth lips. My last tip is buying a lip exfoliator, I like the Bliss Fabulips Sugar lip Scrub.


Don't lick them, it is super tempting but don't do it. It is so important to remember to not lick your lips. Your saliva dries out the skin on your lips and the more you lick the drier your lips become. During winter, the weather is very damaging to your lips and licking them makes it worse, so stop…right now…I MEAN IT!


Find the lip balm that works for you. I love Biotherm Beurre De Levres Lip Balm. I love this lip balm, it has many essential oils in it and it works wonders on dried damaged lips. This might be a pricey option so try Vaseline.  Vaseline is a classic option that works every time.


I love my matte lipsticks and often times they give no moisture to your lips. So go for lipsticks that give you moisture. You can also wear a lip balm underneath your lipstick. Every time you reapply your lipstick also reapply your lip balm. I love the Kate Moss by Rimmel lipstick collection, they are super moisturizing. 

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Here are few lipsticks, lip balms, and moisturizers that are great for your lips!

What are your favourite cures and remedies for dry lips? Pop them down below, I would love to know!!

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