Four Shows To Watch On Netflix Right Now

Netflix has went from a place you can stream movies to a place where original content reigns! Here are four shows that are so good, you will cancel all your plans to stay at home and binge watch!

Riverdale: I'm late to this party but I'm kind of glad I watched this show now. The show focuses on characters from the Archie comics...which I know nothing about. The show is basically a murder mystery/who done it. It's very much of a mix of Dawson's Creek meets a murder mystery. It has 13 episodes which I thought was a bit too long for the storyline...10 episodes would have done the trick. The acting is not great and the plot isn't all bad but somehow it works well. I won't say I was dying to watch each episode but I will say, if you find it hard to watch wait till the end. The last episode is literally worth everything. It is beautifully shot, edited, and the music and score is to die for. This show is for you if you like teenage mellow drama and a bit of mystery mixed in. That's not my thing but once I got through to the end, it was well worth it! Also, the guy who plays Jughead is brilliant in his role and is the best actor on the show. He is the only reason why I will watch the second season. 

Friends From College: Unlike Riverdale, this show is extremely mature! But it is also so funny and so real. If you have a group of friends from high school or college that you are still close with, this show will make you laugh and it will resonate with you on such a real level. The characters are well written and funny and the couples on the show are funny, sad, complex, and realistic. I literally laughed out loud at each episode and there were many episodes where I re-watched because they are that good. Now, critics have panned this show and it only has a 24% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, I'm not sure why, but it is still worth the watch!! I honestly loved it!

Glow: I loved this show and I consumed it at a very fast rate. The show focuses on a group of women who are training to become wrestlers. It is a show that tells complex stories of female relationships that are a very realistic. There is a lot of diversity in this show, which is why I think I really love it. But it is also smart and funny. Like "friends from college", this show exemplifies what it is like to watch something that has smart and complex characters that are involved in a beautifully written story. 

Chelsea: This is a talkshow hosted by Chelsea Handler. I have liked Chelsea for a very long time and although she can be brash and harsh, she speaks a lot of truth, which is hard to come by lately on television. She also does really amazing interviews that are so lovely and interesting to watch! What I love about this show is that, it is so her, whereas her pervious show was not representative of her. She also does amazing mini stories and group interviews that are great to watch. This show is literally one of the smartest shows on television and I think probably the smartest show on Netflix. Every episode gives you something and there is always such a great take-way. She also does wonder travel series and round table interview with celebrity guests that are amazing. Above all, it is also very funny and you can tell that she is passionate about teaching people politics, culture, education, among many other things. Honestly, it is a great show to watch!

What shows are you watching that you want everyone to watch too? Let me know down below!

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Thumbnail photo and trailers by Netflix