Four Shows About Friendship & Girl Power You Need To Watch

I love watching T.V and most importantly, I love watching shows that empower the fierce woman in me.  These shows aren't specially about women but  they have incredible female characters in them. So, today, I decided to share a few with you!  

1. Insecure: This show is so funny and most importantly, the closest portrayal of young Black women doing their thing! I love the two main characters Issa and Molly, two very strong Black women doing the best they can to navigate through career, love, friendship, and a world that is sometimes fighting against them.

Why It's Girl Power: The friendship between Issa and Molly is amazing. You can tell these are two girls who are there for each other and love one another. Most importantly, they understand the societal, cultural, and racial pressures that they both face.  Let's face it, sometime you need a friend that gets you!

2. Big Little Lies: I recently just started watching this show and it is pure gold. I can't say I relate to these group of  predominately upper class White women in living in California, but they are amazing none the less. This show is based on the best selling novel of the same name. It features women who are honest with each other and shows the political aspect of female friendship. I love how witty, funny, mean, strong, loving, and caring these women are.

Why It's Girl Power: This show is full of girl power because it really does a great job at featuring female friendships. There is no sugar coding of these friendships that can be messy and loving. It is also full of mean girls moments that we have all taken part in and/or been a victim to. But most importantly, it is funny. 

3. Girls: This show has been one of my favourite shows since it first premiered. And although it got into some hot waters about the lack of diversity on the show, (which, I agree with) it is a close representation of what female friendship is like in your early to late twenties. These four girls have a unique friendship that is messy, loving, competitive, and often time outrageous.  

Why It's Girl Power: Everything aside, this show is about four girls who genuinely love one another. Yes, all of them are self absorbed and way too concern about their own lives to sometimes reach out to their friends; but it is about four women who won't give up on each other and their friendship and that's important.  

4. Grey's Anatomy: I have to say this was one of the first shows I ever watched that showed me the power of female friendship. If you look at Meredith and Cristina's friendship, you see, how these two women love and support one another. Through ups and downs, these two women, were each other's support and soulmates. There are other strong female relationships through the show all the way from season one to now. 

Why It's Girl Power: The women on this show are all smart, capable, kickass, loving, strong, career driven, family driven, and purely amazing. They come in all different shapes, races, cultures, sexual orientations, and all of them have a great amount of compassion. You can't go wrong with a show like this. 

I think these four shows are very empowering to women and most of all show a very realistic look at female friendships. 

What shows are you loving right now? And what shows about female friendships do you love? Put them in comments below!!

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*This post was originally published in Feburay 2017*