Four Movies That Will Give You Hope For The New Year

Movies have the power to move us, sometimes to tears or to action. 2016 was not the best year for many of us and we are all looking for something to hold onto. There is an urge to change what we are and are hoping for a year full of happiness. But, sometimes we have no control of our lives and even if we think we do, there are forces that sometime even we can’t stop. These four movies shows that sometimes life happens, life has the ability to direct us in paths that change everything we thought was impossible, yet gives us hope that life can and will be good again.

1. “About Time” When I first watched this movie something in me dramatically changed. This movie is about a man who has the gift of time travel, but the lesson he learns as he copes with his gift not only impacts him but everyone around him. And no, it is not your cliché time travel story and I hope you aren’t thinking of “The Butterfly Affect” because it is nothing like that. Tim, the main character learns that life, death, and everything in between has a lesson to teach us, that every single day is special, even if doesn’t go as planed. We only live the right way, if we take each day as our last and truly learn to cherish the ordinary aspects of life. As my friend said after watching this movie, “it is not a love story, but a life story” and I couldn’t agree more.

2. “The Vow” Yes, this movie is a bit cheesy, but remember it is based on a true story. This movie staring the beautiful Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum follows the life of Paige who after a car accident losses her memory and does not remember her husband. So what does the wonderful Channing do, he tries extremely hard and also patiently to help her regain her memory. But, this is not the best part of the movie, the best part is that given the chance to relive life again, most of us will choose the same path because that is what is destine for us. We can’t really change our destiny because maybe destiny chooses us, even if the events and people around us do everything they can to stop us from living the life we were meant to live.

3. “A Long Way Down” This film is based on a book written by Nick Hornsby. Apparently, New Years Eve is one of the most popular nights for people to commit suicide. This movie centers on four strangers who pick the same spot to commit suicide on New Years Eve. Anyone who has struggled in life, dealt with mental illness, or loneliness will relate to this movie. Life is hard and sometimes unforgiveable and this movie shows us that no matter what we are facing, there is someone out there that loves us and wants the best for us. Most of all, we are not perfect and we are in charge of creating positive change in our own lives, and in the lives of others no matter how hard that might be.

4.“The Adjustment Bureau” This movie centers on a man who meets a woman who is suppose to inspire him to fulfill his “destiny”, except this woman played by Emily Blunt is not meant to be with him forever. Matt Damon’s character does everything in his power to return to Blunt’s character but the forces are against him. The best part about this movie is, it teaches you about persistence and the need to live the lives we want. This film strives to teach its audience that no matter what is put in front you, you can’t stop and give up; you have to fight till you get what you are looking for. It is about determination and the need to make your own choices even if others already have chosen for you.

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