Five Workplace Comedies You Have To Watch

I love love LOVE  workplace comedies and also workplace dramas, so in this post I am going to share my love for workplace comedies with you!! 

The Office: This show is a classic and I love it so much. The first time I was introduced to this show was through my college roommate Deanna. She loved this show so much, and I was like nah, this is a stupid show and I don't think it's funny. Fast forward two years and I was hooked. When I started watching The Office, I was in a really dark place in my life and I needed something that was nothing like my reality. I fell in love with the characters quickly and they have become home to me. For a solid two years, I would tell people I was going to the office and what I really meant was that I was going to watch the show. This show is funny, smart, dorky, weird, awkward, and also so many kinds of amazing! If you haven't watched it yet, then you have to! 

Superstore: I found this show last year when I was still in the thick of working in a department store that I hated. If you work in retail or the customer service industry, YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS SHOW!! It is literally the crazy things that happen in retail stores with customers and co-workers. This show really helped me be positive when I was hating my retail job. Plus, it is so funny and endearing. All I have to say is, watch this show if you have spent any amount of time working in any sort of retail setting; this show and it's characters are your tribe! Also, it reminds me of The Office but it is also extremely different! 

The Delivery Man: I came across this show after it was recommended to me by Netflix. First, it's a British show, second, it takes place in a hospital, and third, it is so funny! The characters are different and fun. I love that it's in a hospital setting and no one is dying or there isn't some weird crazy drama happening. This show is a settle kind of funny that will make you laugh out aloud. It takes place on a delivery ward of a hospital and babies go missing and murders give birth, I know it sounds dramatic but it is so hilarious. The only down side is that there is only 8 episodes. 

Veep: This show is a political show that is full of laughter. It focuses on the vice president of the United States of America and her staff. It is hilarious, you get to see the behind the scenes of a powerful political figure who has no idea how to do her job and a whole staff who also have no idea how to do their jobs;  yet somehow they make it work. This show is not for the faint hearted but if you like The Office, you will love this show; it goes to all the places that The Office couldn't go to because it was on a network channel instead of cable channel. 

Glow: I started watching this show at 1pm this Monday and I finished it at 10pm that same day. And it is now Wednesday and I am re-watching it for the second time and I love it even more. The show focus on 12 women who are learning how to wrestle in the 80's. This show is very diverse, it has 12 women from different backgrounds, races, faiths, and they all are very complex characters, which I love. Most importantly, they are all trying to work towards one main goal. Ps, the show is actually based on true events and real women. 

These shows are all weird and dorky in their own ways but I really like them a lot. Some of them have really helped me feel more positive about my life and others have just made me laugh out loud. I don't know about you but when you find a show you love, it is like finding your people. Let me know if you will give these shows a watch or if you loved them already! 

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*Originally published in December 2017*