Five Movies You Must Watch This Fall

I love movies and fall is the season where great movies come out because the oscars are right around the corner! I have picked five movies that I am truly excited to watch and I think you will be too!

Boy Erased: Based on a true story, this movie explores what it must be like to come out to your parents when you are from an extremely devout Christian family. The movie also takes you into what goes on at a conversion camp, where the believe they can change a person’s sexual orientation. I will be honest and say this movie looks deep and sad, but I think stories like these are important. Plus, the trailer alone will make you ball your heart out.  I know I did.

Why It’s A Must See: I think that this movie will explore the complicated emotions and relationships many religious people face when they have a family member who is gay. It is an interesting topic but I think this movie will shake you to your core and I feel like it is one of those movies that after you watch it, your perspective changes.

Green Book: This is the kind of movie that will put a smile on your face. The trailer alone had me smiling.  Although it deals with a tough issue as race politics in the 5O’s in the South, it also explores the meaning of friendship. At the heart of this true story is friendship, just as much as it is about race and equality. The movie is about two man from very different backgrounds working together. One is a talented musician and the other, a driver but they need each other in order to complete the task at hand. What happens next is an exploration into friendship regardless of race. 

Why It’s A Must See: As I said above, this movie will put a smile on your face. Exploring a tough subject with humor is a great way to show the humanity of everyone.

Lizzie: I want to be honest and say that I added this movie solely to the list because I am a huge fan of Kristen Stewart. But this movie goes into the life two women who are in place they never wanted to be. Exploring female relationships and its opposition to patriarchy at a time when women had little to no rights plus there is a murder involved. What is not to like?

Why It’s A Must See: First, it has Kristen, lol. But honestly, I am all about the female centered stories right now. Stories like these are rarely told and I am so glad we have gotten to place where we can share stories about women that don’t involve the routine traditional crap. 

The Kindergarten Teacher: Well, this movie is different. It is almost like a psychological thriller mixed in with a deep drama. The movie centers on a teacher who basically kidnaps one of her students because he is gifted poet. Convinced that she alone can give him the life in which he can live his most creative life, this teacher kidnaps her student. This movie is a remake from the 2014 Israeli movie that goes by the same name.

Why It’s A Must See: I think it is an interesting concept and I think once you watch it, you might not think what you think you are going to think. I hope that made sense, lol.

On The Basis Of Sex: Watching this trailer alone will make you feel empowered. Based on the true story of Ruth Bader Gensburg, it follows her as she leaves law school and tries to make a career for herself. But she comes up against sex based discrimination and stands up to it by using her education. 

Why It’s A Must See: It’s a must watch because sometimes we forget what those before us had to do in order to get us to where we are now. It is also such an inspiring story about women who are hard working and determine to make a difference.

What movies are you looking forward to watching this fall?

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