Five Books About Growing Up That You're Never Too Old To Read

perks of being a wallflower

 "Perks of Being A Wallflower" By: Stephen Chbosky: This book is a wonderful example about what it means to grow up. The main character Charlie, has dealt with a lot of dramatic events in his past and the book follows him as he deals with these events. Most importantly, the book also follows him as he makes friends and falls in love for the first time. The lesson of this book really is, that life has many different lessons to teach us, that nothing is perfect, and expecting everything to be perfect is simply not the way to go about life. Life is supposed to be happy, sad, confusing, amazing, and loving, and sometimes all these emotions happen all at once. 

Favorite Quote: “So, I guess we are who we are for a lot of reasons. And maybe we'll never know most of them. But even if we don't have the power to choose where we come from, we can still choose where we go from there. We can still do things. And we can try to feel okay about them.”



i know it's over by c.k kelly martin

"I Know It’s Over "By: C.K Kelly Martin: This book is written from the perspective of a teenage boy, named Nick, who has found out that his ex-girlfriend is pregnant. She makes a decision regarding the baby and gives him no choice. Nick is left to deal with this life changing decision; which takes him on an emotional roller coaster;  pushing him to grow up and deal with issues that even he had never thought about. By the end of this book, you feel that Nick has really seen something in himself and those around him. It is certainly a powerful book.

Favorite Quote: “Love does strange things to you sometimes. It can twist you into saying and doing things that you know you’ll regret and still, you do them.”


the hatchet

"The Hatchet" By: Gary Paulsen: This book follows Brian after a plane crash has left him stranded in the middle of nowhere. Brian is left to survive with no help. His only companion is Mother Nature, who isn’t so kind. Being 13 years old, he is forced to learn how to stay alive while keeping himself sane and fed. Brian learns what true courage is and what living really means. Such a wonderful uplifting book!!

Favorite Quote: “He did not know how long it took, but later he looked back on this time of crying in the corner of the dark cave and thought of it as when he learned the most important rule of survival, which was that feeling sorry for yourself didn't work. It wasn't just that it was wrong to do, or that it was considered incorrect. It was more than that--it didn't work.”


the reader

"The Reader"By: Bernhard Schlink: This book centers on 15 year old Michael, who has an affair with a woman named Hanna. Hanna is more than twice his age. She also has a dark past that has the potential to destroy everything. This book follows Michaels through his life has he comes to terms with his past, Hanna’s past, and his country’s past. As Michael grows up, he is forced to understand that the choices we make has the potential to destroy not only us but everyone we know and love. 

Favorite Quote: “Why? Why does what was beautiful suddenly shatter in hindsight because it concealed dark truths? Why does the memory of years of happy marriage turn to gall when our partner is revealed to have had a lover all those years? Because such a situation makes it impossible to be happy? But we were happy! Sometimes the memory of happiness cannot stay true because it ended unhappily. Because happiness is only real if it lasts forever? Because things always end painfully if they contained pain, conscious or unconscious, all along? But what is unconscious, unrecognized pain?”


some girls are

"Some Girls Are" By: Courtney Summers: I just realized that this is the only book with a girl as the main character on this list. This book is super amazing. It centres on a 17 year old girl named Regina. She used to be popular, until she was cut off by her close group of friends. This is a story of bullying. If you have ever been bullied, then, you will relate to this book and understand Regina's story. This book is emotional, filled with so much that your heart will break. Regina is forced to grow up and realize that life is not black or white, nor simple, and that people will change when you least expect them to.

Favorite Quote: “The repeat is always the killer. Everything inside you goes into saying the word once, but sorry is the kind of word the person you say it to always wants to hear twice.”

What are your favourite books about growing up?

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