Five Beauty Items You Should Always Have In Your Bag 

Before we get into what you should have in your bag; I have just uploaded my latest video. So, if you want to see what's REALLY in my bag! Scroll down and watch my newest video!! Now, let's get to all the beauty items to have in your bag!

1. Perfume: I love to smell great and sometimes, especially on a hot day, smelling great can be tough! I love to carry a small perfume in my bag, it's a great way to smell fresh and to feel fresh!

dior perfume

2. Nail Polish:This is kind of weird but we have all been there when our nails are chipped and we have an event to go to! Now it's not the most important thing but sometimes it makes such a big difference.

3. Lipstick/Lip Balm: I always have one of these in my bag! My lips are always dry or I need to top up my lipstick! I carry at least two different colours in my bag!

nyx matte lipstick
hand lotion

4. Hand Cream: My hands are always dry! It feels like they can't get enough moisture. I love to carry one of these in bag for those dry winter days! 

5. Loose Powder: If your face gets oily and shiny throughout the day, then you will want one of these. Having one these always comes in handy when its hot outside and your makeup just melts off your face. Plus it's a great way to spruce up your makeup during the day!

Do you carry any of these things in your bag? Tell me which ones! If you fancy a video, watch what's actually in my bag!! 

Do you carry any of these things in your bag? P.s, if you have watched the video above, you're allowed to judge me all you want for what's REALLY in my bag!!

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