Books You Should Read If You're Single This Valentines Day

Like many people, I will be spending Valentines Day alone (meaning, I don't have a boyfriend but I will not be "lonley"...just thought you should know, lol). Due, to the fact that I am not in a relationship, I like to feel loved and empowered on Valentines Day. So, what I do is read a book that does just that. Here are a list of books I will be reading just in time for Valentines Day. 

1. Something Blue

If you follow my blog or YouTube, you will know how much I love this book. I find "Something Blue" to be empowering, it is about love and finding love but there is so much more. The main character Darcy goes to London to escape her life, instead, she finds what the true meaning of life and friendship really is. And for those of us who are going to be spending Valentines Day as single people, this book will encourage you to change your life and be the person you are meant to be.

2. The Help

During the month of February, we are so concerned about being with someone instead of working towards something bigger and better. "The Help" is one of those books that allows the reader to look outside of who they are. We often forget that there are people who are discriminated against or being treated as if they are not human. Every single day we are hearing of people who are being assaulted, killed, discriminated against, and hurt purely because they are people of colour or people who are from a different faith. "The Help" shows us that anyone can make a difference and help their fellow human beings. Instead of focusing on romance this month, focus on loving your fellow human.

3. The Year Of Secret Assignments

This book is a completely under rated book, but I think it is a must read for any group of friends. If you are apart of a book club, then "The Year of Secret Assignments" is the best book to read. This book is about friendship and loving your friends. It is about understanding how to be there for your friends when they are struggling. Most of allm it is about supporting your group of friends in a  fun and exciting way (hint, hint...that's where all the secret assignment come in)

4. Hatchet

I love reading books that make me feel I can do anything and make it through anything. The "Hatchet" is one of those books. It centers on boy stranded in the middle of the Canadian forest. It is a story about survival and although it is written for children and pre-teens, it is honestly for all adults. The life lessons that you will learn while reading this book will amaze you. It will empower you more than you can believe. 

5. In Her Shoes

If you have a sister or a friend and both of you are single, this book is for you. "In Her Shoes" is about understanding the life of someone we think we already know. It is empowering and will give you the strength to live the life you want, while understanding that everyone comes from their own struggles. It is an amazing book!

Do you think these are Valentine's Day books? Tell me why or why not in the comment section!! 

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