5 Books On Adulting You Need To Read

"Adulting" is very hard. Growing up is not easy but I have created a list of books that make it not so bad. As many of you know, I love reading and I love reading books that make me think and books that help me be a better person. Here are five books that will help you adult better!

1. "The Perks of Being A Wallflower" By: Stephen Chbosky: This book will give you strength to overcome your past and demons. 

2. "I Know It Is Over" By: C Kelly Martin: This book will help you make difficult choices. 

3. "The Last Summer of You And Me" By: Ann Brashares: This book will allow you to grow up while acknowledging your childhood.

4. "The Kite Runner" By: Khaled Hosseini: This book will allow you to determine what kind of friend you are. 

5. "Something Blue" By: Emily Giffin: This book will allow you to put all your childish and selfishness aside and become the grown up you're meant to be.

For more details and musings, watch the video below! 

Have you read any of these books? If, not which are you gonna read? Let me know down below!!

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