A Round Of Bev's Eye View| Weekend Reading List

 "Searching For A Feeling" By:Thirdstory: I was on Spotify and heard this song and I have been literally listening to it ever since. It has been on repeat and I can't get enough! I'm listening to it right now!!

Nicaragua, the Beautiful: This article from Mush Love is absolutely beautiful! It is about self exploration, self worth, and knowing what is right for you. It is definitely worth the read!

 10 Books to Read Before the Movies Hit Theaters: I loving reading articles like this and I also love writing them! I didn't write this one, it's from the Everyday Girl website! It is full of books that are coming to the screen!

How a Scary Threat Became My New Year’s Resolution: I love this story of how a bad encounter turned to a positive way to go about life. It's worth reading for sure!!

5 Books On Adulting You Need To Read: Growing up is hard but these books will give you the courage to keep growing!!

6 Ways You Can Start Saving for Summer Vacation: I needed to read this article because my friends and I are currently planning a summer trip to Europe; so, I need all the saving tips there is!

Any surprising reads? Comment down below, I would love to know what you think!

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