A Round of Bev's Eye View| Weekend Reading List

My Top Tips For Working From Home: I work from home part-time to do my blog and Youtube, so these tips from The Anna Edit were so helpful!! Plus, she is literally my favourite blogger!! If you work from home have a read.

How To Be Confident as Fu*k: Confidence and self-esteem is something we all struggle with and this video I made gives you tips on how to strengthen your confidence and self-esteem. A must watch for anyone struggling with their confidence.

Actor on Actor with Octavia Spencer and Dev Patel: I recently just got into this YouTube series on  Variety's channel. It features two actors and they basically interview each other. I loved this interview between Dev Patel and Octavia Spencer so much!!  It was so genuine and lovely and so eye opening. It's the perfect thing to watch while eating lunch!

Actor on Actor with Natalie Portman and Michelle Williams: I told you I'm obsessed with this series. This one features Natalie Portman and Michelle Williams. First, I am having this new obsession with Michelle Williams. She is so pretty and I feel like I can watch her talk forever and I find Natalie Portman so interesting. 

9 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About My 30s: I'm not 30 yet but I found this to be such a interesting read. If you are fast approaching 30 or if you are in your 30s this is a good read.

32 Successful People Share the Best Advice They Ever Received: I found this article so interesting. I find that if you want to be successful, you have take advice from others. This is a good read for anyone who wants to start their own business or have their own business.

Which one of these weekend reads is your favourite? Let me know!!

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