A Review: The Ordinary's High-Spreadability Fluid Primer

I was introduced to this primer through using The Ordinary's hyaluronic's serum! One day I saw the store while I was on a bus and I had to go in! I love primers, I had a moment where I wasn't using them and now I am back on track! I have tried many different primers and the ones I love best are the ones that have silicone in them! They seem to work better and make my makeup last longer! So, I was really excited to try The Ordinary's High-Spreadability Fluid Primer, one because it is only $7.90 which basically a steal. 

The ordinary's high-spreadability fluid primer review
The ordinary's high-spreadability fluid primer review

Pros: I love the way this primer feels on my face. As I have said before, I love silicone based primers and this one lives up to it! It applies onto the skin smoothly and blends well into the skin. My skin felt incredibly smooth after. I focus on a couple areas when applying primers, under my eyes because the lines there are massive and around my month where there are laugh lines; the last place is my cheeks were there are a billion and one pores. These are the areas I like to focus on, this product does a good job blurring out these imperfections. My makeup looked great when I was wearing this primer and my makeup also lasted longer with this primer. I really like that my laugh lines, my under eye wrinkles, and pores were less noticeable when I used this primer. I also found that wearing a foundation that was more moisturizing or glowing was better with this primer. It didn't really hold up well with foundations that were matte. 

review of deciem products
the ordinary high spreadability fluid primer

Cons: The applicator for this primer sucks. I love the ordinary and I like that their products are super affordable but their containers for some their products are so annoying. I found that the applicator was hard to use from the beginning because it didn't pick up enough product.I love that its affordable and that it works so well but, the applicator sucks!

Overall: The product itself is amazing and works so well! It is inexpensive product that works as well as any primer that cost twice as much! It is worth the buy and I think that if you like silicone based primers then, this one is so for you!    

Are you gonna give this primer a try? Let me know!! 

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