A Review: Juliet’s Answer by Glen Dixon

I was super excited when I was asked to be apart of a blog tour for the book "Juliet's Answer". Like many of you, I have seen the movie, "Letters To Juliet". I wasn't a really big fan of that movie, so when I received the e-mail to review this book, I had to think about it. Of course, I said yes and I am so glad I did. This book was amazing!!

There are so many things that I loved about this book! I loved that we were looking at love through the eyes of a heartbroken man. The book is about Glenn Dixon, who after suffering a horrible heart break decides to travel to Verona, Italy to be one of Juliet's secretaries. There in Italy, Glenn answers hundreds of letters about love that the secretaries of Juliet receive on a daily basis. This book is his memoir, but most importantly, it is about one man's journey to love after suffering an awful heart break.

So many people have compared this book to "Eat, Pray, Love" and I can see why! Both books are about finding oneself after going through a life changing event. Most importantly, they are both true stories of people. And I love that! I loved the historical aspect of this book because it gave real character to the book. When you read this book, you will learn that Juliet and Romeo's families were actual real families! Dixon gives his readers a fun and exciting history lesson of Romeo and Juliet and most importantly, a look into the secretaries of Juliet! I love that aspect of the book! 

What I loved most about this book, was that it was personal and informational. Authors often can't do that in their books and Dixon did it and did it so well. I love the questions it posed to its readers. Especially, about our views on fate versus if we can actually control our own destiny. These are questions that keep me up at night and I loved reading his thoughts on it.

This book is a fun and easy read. It will make you want to visit Italy like right now and it will make you want to find yourself and love. Dixon does a great job writing his experiences, while giving us a lesson in love and history. Somehow, he makes it work and I think that is a true testament to his writing skills.

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