6 Books That Need To Be Adapted Into Film

a thousand splendid suns

 “A Thousand Splendid Suns” By Khalid Hossenni: This film tells the story of two very intelligent and strong women. They come from different families but somehow they end up in the worst situation, a place they never imagined they would be. They become each other’s companion and rescuer.

Why It Needs To Be Adapted: The female characters are strong, smart, selfless, and amazing. This story, although it is a work of fiction, tells the story of many women around the world. There is such truth in these characters and it would be amazing for this book to be brought to the screen.


“Elsewhere” By Gabrielle Zevin: This book takes a look at the after life and what happens there. This book has such a unique way at looking at death and what happens after death. The story is told through the eyes of a 15 year old girl named Liz, who dies and goes to the after life called Elsewhere. In Elsewhere, everyone ages backwards.

Why It Needs To Be Adapted: Personally, I would love to see Elsewhere. I have imagined it so many times and I would love to see it come to life. The movie would be hard to film, because everyone ages backwards, but it would be interesting to see this happen. I also want to see the characters come to life. The book also has a beautiful message that all teens need to hear.

messiah of morris avenue

“Messiah of Morris Avenue” By: Tony Hendra: This book is about the second coming of Christ and Christ is not what we think he is or was. This book is so intensely intriguing that it will leave you thinking and asking questions. It paints a picture and talks candidly about Christianity, God, love, and humanity. It works on so many levels but it is so incredibly controversial and will give people conflicting emotions.

Why It Needs To Be Adapted: This books talks about Jesus in modern time. Honestly, there is so many TV shows about Jesus and Christianity, so, I think this adaptation will give a fresh look at modern Christianity; especially Evangelicalism. Plus, I want to see this come to life, even if it its not turned into a movie, it would be a great mini series. HBO, can you please make this happen?

lilith's Brood

“Lilith’s Brood”/ “Dawn” By: Octavia Butler: This book is Sci-Fi and also one of the most impactful books I have ever read. It is a post apocalyptic world, where humans have destroyed the world and each other. Only a few people survive and an alien civilization comes to rescue what is left of the people of this earth; but this rescue comes with a heavy price. This book explores what it means to be human and to be different. It is frightening, amazing, intriguing, and will bring up questions that is often not explored in books.

Why It Needs To Be Adapted: I need to see how the alien race looks like. They are an interesting life form that needs to be brought to life. The story is too good not to bring to screen. Also, the emotional rollercoaster that the story puts readers through are too good not to explore. This would make a wonderful TV show. Netflix are you listening?

the hatchet

“The Hatchet” By Gary Paulsen: This book is about survival and a boy who has no choice but to survive what most people could never endure. Brian is stuck in the wild, all alone with no one but his hatchet. This book is a moving story about surviving when all odds are against you. It is amazing and heartwarming.

Why It Needs To Be Adapted: Many may think that this would make a boring movie because there is only one character in it. If this book is adapted, it could be amazing and interesting in all the best ways. I would love to see Brian come to life and see his story told on the big screen.


“Stolen” By Lucy Christopher: I didn’t love this book when I read it. There is so much that is wrong in this book but it is also one of those rare books that would probably make a better movie than it did a book. The story centers around Gemma who has been stolen from her home and stuck in the middle of nowhere with a man who is in love with her. This book is graphic and tells a story that is not told often in YA; and although I did not love the book, I would love to see it on the big screen.

Why It Needs To Be Adapted: This story would make a better movie than it ever did as a book. That alone is reason enough to turn it into a movie, and if not into a movie a mini series on Netflix.

What books would you like to see brought to the screen? Put your suggestions down below!!

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