5 Ways To Have A Positive Work Week

Let's be honest, sometimes we hate going to work. Especially, when it's a job that we don't like. Staying positive in an environment that you don't love can be difficult. Or the past few weeks have been difficult and who wants to go into work when they don't feel positive. So, here are five ways you can have a positive work week!

Talk To A Loved One: Sometimes, we need to vent and tell someone who we trust all the issues that we are facing! Talking to someone who you trust and someone who is removed from the situation can be very helpful. Friends are great for this, they often will lend you a listening ear and great advice! So, if you are feeling negative, call up a friend and vent it all out!

Take Time Out For Yourself: One of things I love to do when I am feeling negative is to take time out for myself. This could be watching a new TV show, movie, reading, or working out. Carving out a time where its just for you is so important. It is a great way to get your mind away from all the negative things that are happening at work and to help you work towards a more positive attitude in life.

Summer time on the ocean

Make Others Laugh And Complement Someone: Making someone laugh is such a great way to become more positive. When you make someone laugh, it makes you laugh and as they say, laughter is the best medicine. Laughing and making others laugh lifts up your mood and just makes you feel better! Also, complementing someone is a wonderful way of making someone feel good about themselves. I find that when I complement someone, their gratitude always makes me feel great. It's a win win!

Start A New TV Series: There is nothing like finding a new show to watch and realizing the show has multiple seasons. When I find a new show, I get so into it that I am basically living in that world. If I am having a crappy week, a new show or a show I love always makes me feel so much better. It is almost like going to a place where all the issues I am facing at work no longer matters anymore. 

apple tv

Speak Up: Speaking up can be really tough, but sometimes it has to be done. Learning to use your voice when your work place is toxic can often turn things around. Remember that you don't have to feel negative and you don't have to let others make you feel bad; so speak up and stand up for yourself. This isn't always easy but if something is really bothering you, then please say something.

How do you keep positive during the work week? Tell me down below!!

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*This article was originally published in April 2016*