5 Steps To Finding The Perfect Face Cleanser For You

Finding the right cleanser for your skin type can be difficult. We have all been there where we have tried a billion products but nothing works. So, I have come up five ways to find the perfect cleanser for your skin. There is also a new video at the bottom of the post, it is the best of skincare tag. Scroll down to watch!

1. Know Your Skin Type. Is your skin sensitive? Do you breakout easily? Is your skin dry or super dry? Is it oily? Know these things about your skin because that will come in handy when choosing your cleanser. A major tip I would give is visit your local skincare store, it can be Sephora or Shoppers Drugmart. While there, tell them your skincare issues. A huge percentage of the time, the customer service people will guide you in the right direction of choosing the right product.

5 Steps To Finding The Perfect Face Cleanser For You
5 Steps To Finding The Perfect Face Cleanser For You

2. Go For Products Made For Your Skin. Once you know what kind of skin type you have, go for products that are geared toward that type of skin. If you have dry skin, go for cleansers that are made for dry skin. If you have super sensitive skin, you might want to go for products that have less chemicals and are more natural. It is so important to try out the products that are geared toward your skin type. 

3. Trail & Error.  You have to try a lot of products before you find the right one. This is where you have to go through the trail and errors. This part is the most expensive, but it is the part where you find out more about what your skin wants and doesn't want. You also have to spend lots of money doing this, so make sure you pay attention to how your skin reacts to each new product. 

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4. Use The Product-line.  Once you have found the cleanser that works for you, it's time to look at the range in which that product is from. Chances are if the cleanser worked for you, then the toner or moisturizer might as well. I personally don't use one product line for all my skincare needs but I don't have problematic skin. This advice is geared towards those who have super sensitive skin or problematic skin (whatever that means to you). Using the same product line might really improve your skin and its health.

5. If All Else Fails. If you have tried everything and yet nothing is working, try visiting a dermatologist. Since their whole field is about skin, they can give you wonderful advice on how your skin works and what is actually going on.  

I hope these tips where helpful! Let me know what your favorite skincare products and facial cleansers are!!

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