5 Ways To Create The Perfect Work Space/Home Office

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1. The Desk: Find the desk that works for you. I do a lot of typing and editing. Due to this, I don't need a big desk. If you need filing drawers and/or shelves, then you have to find the desk that suits your needs. I got my desk from Ikea.

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2. Inspiration: Find little things that inspire you! I love quotes, so I have a mug that has an inspirational quote on it.

office decor

3. Brightness: The best way I bring brightness to my desk is by having a plant on my desk! I love the freshness it gives to the desk.  I love to see the plant and flowers grow every day.

home office decor

4. Notebooks: Have something to take notes with. I am always coming up with ideas for my blog and YouTube channel, so I love having handy notebooks nearby to jot down my ideas. I also love taking notes on my phone.

5. Find Your Style: No matter what, create a workspace that speaks to you. You are the person that has to sit there and work there, so make it yours. Find the little things that bring the uniqueness of who you are into your workspace.

Here is tour of my room, if you fancy a watch!

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How do you create your perfect work space? Put your comments down below!!

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