5 Ways I turned My Internship into A Job

Internships are a tough thing to do. It isn't easy working for free. There is a lot of commitment one has to have in order to stick through a internship. I interned last summer at a television show, during those months, I had a life changing surgery, I was literally broke finically and physically, I was working at another job I hated to pay the bills, my cousin passed away, and I just felt like my life was a totally mess. I was working 70 to 80 hours a week, which is tough. But through all that hardship, I was able to get a job out of it! I landed a job as a Fashion Assistant/ Production Coordinator at the show and it has been such a great experience. So, I decided that I would share with you how I actually was able to turn my internship into a real job!

1. This one is the easiest, work hard. Most internships are unpaid and this is truly the worst thing about internships, but it doesn't mean you shouldn't work hard.  Remember to put your heart and soul into every tasks that is handed to you. Make sure to use the hours you have there to show yourself. Everyone loves a hard worker. The thing is, it is difficult to work hard when you aren't being paid, but remember that sometimes the reward comes later. For me, the award came when people recommended me for a interview for a new position.

5 ways to an internship into a job

2. Don't complain. I can't stress this enough, DON'T COMPLAIN ABOUT ANYTHING! I will say this again, when you intern you don't get paid and I think sometimes people use that as an excuse not to work hard and to complain. Just as everyone loves a hard worker, everyone hates someone who complains. I found that through everything I was going through while interning, I had many reasons to complain but I decided never to utter a negative word while I was interning. If you have to complain, complain to your friends and family, but never to anyone at work.

5 ways to an internship into a job

3. Build meaningful relationships. I got my job because I build meaningful relationships while interning and made real connections with people. But this doesn't mean sucking up or agreeing with everything people do or say. Meaningful relationships are created when you can have real conversations with people and they can see who you truly are. I remember last summer when I was interning, I went for a ride and I had a chat with a production coordinator and as we were talking, I was like this girl could be a friend of mine, we just connected and it was easy and we had things in common. That connection help turn my internship into an actual job.

5 ways to an internship into a job

4. Know when to take a time out. When I started interning, I had a huge medical issue and I needed surgery. I loved the place I was interning at, so I was so scared to be like "oh, I have a surgery coming up and I need four weeks off". But I just told them and they were so understanding. I was so worried that taking those weeks off would hurt my internship but I feel like it made it so much better and I think everyone saw how committed I was to my health and the internship itself. It is hard to work for free and at times you probably have another job you are also doing, so learn to take some time out for your mental and physical health, it will make you a better intern.

5 ways to an internship into a job

5. Ask questions and always offer your help. This is the biggest and best advice I can ever give. Ask questions, like why this, or how this, or when that, just ask because then you will learn more and people are so eager to teach you when you are an intern. Allow them to teach you and allow yourself to absorb all that information, it is the only way to make you a better intern and person. Also, always offer your help, whether it is getting coffee, cleaning, grabbing lunch, offering a suggestion, or being a listening ear, always offer your help. People love hard workers but they also love people who like to help.

I hope these were helpful tips. I also feel like these tips are great for when you start an entry level position. I am still using these tips in my new position. Let me know what advice you would give to an intern or if you are currently interning right now!

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