5 Tops & Blouses On Trend That Are Under 50 Dollars

Right now the trend when it comes to tops and blouses are ruffles, bell sleeves, strips, tie front blouses, and lots of blue. Especially blue strips. I have gathered five very affordable on trend tops and blouses under 50 dollars that you will love! I have couple and I'm in love already. 

Links For Pictures Are Below

Links For Pictures Are Below

The Viscose Shirt: This shirt is the kind of classic that stands the test of time. This kind top will always be on trend. It comes in teal, black, and of course blue strips. Love it! Only $24.99, psst, I've got this one!

The Tie Front Blouse With Bell Sleeves: This top is extremely on trend with its strips, bell sleeves, and front ties. It's all the trends working extremely well together. This one goes for $39.95!

The Striped Blouse: There is so much to love about this blouse, the strips, to the bell bottoms, and ties. This is a super on trend piece. The best part is, it is only $ 24.99, like omg, right?

The Blouse With Flounced Sleeves: The pattern on this blouse is super classic with a modern trend of flounced sleeves. Love this one and it goes for $34.99!

The Classic Lace-Up Tencel: This blouse is great for spring and summer, to me it screams summer on the boat. This is the kind of blouse that looks good on everyone. It is only $36.00! Old Navy always has a sale going on, so I bet you can get yours for cheaper. I have the same one and I got  30% off...score!

Which one of these on trend tops are you dying to get your hands on? Put it in the comment section! 

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