5 Things To Read, Watch & Listen To This March

Can you believe that it is already March? Like honestly, where did the time go? I also just realized that I am going to spend the rest of the year saying this for every article, lol! For this month, I have gathered a few things for your reading, listening, and watching pleasure!

Watch: Let your eyes feast on something incredible!

Spider-man Into The Spider Verse: I saw this movie on my birthday in January and I liked it and then I took my sisters to go see it and then I loved it!! Besides having a great story and plot, this movie has such a diverse cast of characters and a wonderful story. You don’t need to be a spider-man fan to go watch this movie! It is so beautifully done and you can take the whole family to go watch it!

The Harry Potter Series: Netflix recently just uploaded the last four movies of the Harry Potter series and I watched them all in like a week and it was amazing! I have never read the books but I have seen the movies before and for some reason re-watching them brought out a lot of emotions in me. I truly love the world of Harry Potter. What I loved about these movies are the moral lessons within the plot and how they teach us a valuable lesson about love, courage, and friendship.

Listen: There is always so many things to listen to!

"You're Wrong About" Podcast: I have fallen in love with this podcast and I think it’s really amazing. Basically, this podcast goes through things that happened in the past that you’re totally wrong about and it will blow your mind. If you like to learn about different events and people and form new opinions of them or understand them better, than this is the right podcast for you! My favourite episodes are Roe v. Wade, The Duke Lacrosse Rape Case, Monica Lewinsky, Anita Hill, Stranger Danger, and Crack Babies. Basically, every episode is amazing and so informative, like it will blow your mind!

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"Spider-man Into The Spider Verse" Soundtrack: I loved this soundtrack, it is so good! It encompasses the film so well and I promise that every time you listen to it, you will be transported back into the spider verse! Some of my favourite songs are "Sun Flower" and "Home". I think when you love a movie, listening to the soundtrack makes it come more alive. 

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Read: Something to make you feel less alone and something that is so close and dear to my heart!

I have written on here my perspective on love and being single in my twenties, even then, I have not always been very open about it because it is so personal. I came across this article written by Meghan Donovan and she has written down exactly what I feel about being single. Literally, she has been able to put into words everything I have felt and everything I couldn’t write down. The truth is being single can be hard for some people and most of all being single while your friends are getting married, having babies, buying houses, and living a life you want can be tough. It's hard to tell the truth about something so personal, but Meghan has done a great job at it! If you are single, you need to read this and if you have single friends you need to read this too. 

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