5 Things To Read, Watch, & Listen To This February

Well hello, it has been awhile since a brand new post has gone live here! Welcome back and a very Happy New Year. I thought I would start with some fun content and things you can enjoy to help you out in February!  So, here are five things you should know about this month and five things I have been enjoying.

Watch: So, when it comes to watching something, I have three things for you to consume.

Derry Girls: This show is amazing! It centers on a group of teenage friends who live in North Ireland. They are so funny and useless but yet they have so much heart. This show is literally the best thing I have watched in a very long time, comedy wise. The characters are all very funny in their own way and have so much to offer. It is a must watch and you will love it very much. You can find it on Netflix and watch it over and over again.

American Ultra: This movie came out in 2015, so it is not new at all but I recently just found it and I love it. I have watched it about 20 times in the past month. The movie stars Kristen Stewart and Jesse Esinberg and they play secret agents who are in love. Now, the movie is very violent and there are a lot of plot holes, plus a lack of diversity and awful racial slurs. I bet you are thinking why do you even like this? Well, with all that being said, it is a well written movie and it was edited and shot well; plus the performance of Kristen and Jesse is so good and their love story is so well done that you forget all the other awful parts. Plus the use of music is brilliant in this film.

Vox: I just discovered Vox's YouTube channel, late last fall and I am obsessed. They do mini documentaries on news stories and on an array of subjects from politics, to movies, to social justice movements. It is a great place to learn about everything and anything. 

Listen: So, this month I have been listening to one artist and I am so in love.

Zayn's Icarus Falls: This album has 27 songs. Yes, you read right, 27 songs and I have to say that all of them are amazing!! I loved each one. This album is a mix of R&B, Pop, and soul. It is so good and you will love it! My favourites are "Back To Life" "Tonight" "Talk To Me" "Good Years" and "Let Me". Have a listen. Also, he has put all the songs on his YouTube channel for free and I think that is amazing!! Have a listen!

Read: When it comes to reading, I have read one of the most interesting book ever.

conversation with friends

Read: So my goal this year is to read more because I have lost my love of books and reading. So, I set out to read 12 books this year and I just finished Sally Rooney's book "Conversation With Friends". Now, I have heard a lot about this author and people love her work. She just had another book come out called "Normal People", which I want to read. So, I liked “Conversation with Friends”, it centers on two 21 year old friends who get involved with 30 something year old marriage couple. The writing is good and the story is very interesting. 

So, here you go! Five things for you to watch, read and listen to this month. Let me know what you been enjoying so far in the new year! 

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