5 Teen Romantic Comedies That You Have To Watch Even If You’re Not A Teenager!

Ok, I want to start off with this post by saying that there has been a whole lot of watching teen based romantic comedies. And I might have or might not have a huge crush on certain actor who plays one of the characters below! Honestly, being 28, I thought I was done with teen dramas and romances and I will be honest, I was until I watched “To All The Boys I Loved Before” and fell in love with the genre all over again. The thing is somehow even as an adult when I watch these movies I’m able to go right back to my teenage self; so here are five teenage romantic comedies you have to watch!

1. To All The Boys I Love Before: I will say that this movie didn’t have the best plot and it wasn’t as well written as the ones below but man, did I love all the cute and hot moments between Peter and Lara Jean. All I have to say is the hot tub scene, I literally have nothing else to say after that, lol. This movie centres on a Lara Jean, who basically writes letters to all her crushes until one day all the letters are sent out. Now comes in Peter and Josh who are at the centre of the story. There is a pretend relationship and not so pretend falling in love. This movie has super cute moments that will literally have your heart melting. Again, all I have to say is the hot tub scene and the bus scene, omg, so many moments!

2. Edge Of Seventeen: I really love this movie and it brought tears to eyes when I watched it. Unlike the other movies on this list, I watched this one with adult eyes and adult understanding and my heart broke for the main character. The truth is this movie has a more realistic approach to teen romance and being a teenager and I just loved it so much. The movie centres on Nadine who’s father has passed away and who only has one best friend and obviously that friend falls in love with her annoying big brother (who isn’t really annoying at all). All the sudden, Nadine is at a crossroads in her life, as she deals with loosing her best, creating new friendship, dealing with major insecurities, falling in love, and understanding how to cope, mourn, and allowing herself to do what is right for her. There is so much in this movie and it is just so well written and acted. It is a must watch!

3. The Duff: Ok, we all have groups of friends and sometimes we compare ourselves to our friends. Especially who is prettier; this movie centres on Bianca who is known as the ‘ugly friend’ among her ‘beautiful friends’. This gets to her and she goes on a journey to change that perception, in the process, she falls in love, learns about confidence and most importantly loving herself. This movie is also so funny and extremely fun to watch and it is just so sweet because we have all been the duff at one time or another in our lives.

4. Sierra Burgess Is A Loser: So, I want to start off by saying that there a couple problematic issues with this film and I totally understand if you have watched it and hated it because of these issues.

Now lets look at everything else! I really liked this movie, taking the catfishing aside (which was wrong) the movie explores what first love is like; especially for someone who is smart but full of insecurities. The movie does a really good job at show casing people’s insecurities when it comes to love. Above all, it is such a sweet story of first love, awful mistakes, and taking chances. At the end, I truly believe that the lesson is to open yourself up to love even if you are scared. In a weird way, the movie pushes us to look outside ourselves, society, our own weird beliefs about love and attraction; and to also look outside the box if we are to find love. The thing is, if you are to only look in one particular place or look for a specific type of person for love, you might miss out on a hot guy like Jamey or beautiful girl like Sierra.

5. The Breakfast Club: Ok, so I have saved the best for last and the one that created the teenage romance/comedy genre. The movies above all go back and pay tribute to this movie because it is a John Hughes film. John Hughes basically created the teen romantic comedy, like this is one, “Sixteen Candles”, “Pretty in Pink”, just to name a few! This particular movie centres on a group of students who play very different roles in high school, they are put in detention together and their secrets, insecurities, hopes, and dreams come out. It is such a sweet film and it so well thought out and written, before you watch any of the above movies, you have to watch this one because it really creates the arch-types that the movies above go on!

So there you go, five teen romantic comedies that will make you laugh, swoon, love, make your heart melt and make you want to fall in love!

What are your favourite teen romantic comedies?

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