5 Reasons You Should Go Back To The Drugstore For Your Beauty Needs

Living on a tight budget is very difficult and sometimes we all have to learn to do this very hard thing. But things can get more complicated when you love buying certain things. For me, that was beauty and makeup products. Last year, I went back to school full time and was working part-time, I also had to take two months off work due to a surgery I had. To say money was tight would be an understatement. 

drugstore beauty products

Due to this, I had to learn to live on a budget. I had just gotten into buying all my beauty products in high-end stores, like Sephora and Holt Renfrew. When I realized I couldn't afford these stores, I was shamed and felt like I couldn't be a good beauty blogger if I couldn't buy those expensive beauty products. But I was also struggling to pay for my rent, groceries, and bus fares. Something had to change and with that, I went back to the drugstore and had to leave all the high street things behind. I honestly think I have become a well rounded person and blogger because of this. Now, I am not saying that high-end stores aren't great, cause lets face it, they are amazing but its about learning to budget. Here are five reasons why the drugstore is still worth it and why you should go back for some or all your beauty needs. 

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1. The drugstore is catching up to the high-end stores. In some cases, some drugstore products are as good or even better than high-end beauty and make-up products. 

2. Just cause something is expensive doesn't mean it works better. I learned this lesson from my father, who was obsessed with buying the no name brand of everything. When I was younger, I would be mortified by this, but you get older and you understand. Most high-end beauty products have dupes that are as good or even better.

3. It is cheap, not inexpensive but just pure cheap and sometimes you need to buy a product that works and won't hurt your bank account. 

4. There is endless variety of products for every skin type. When I was a teenager, I couldn't buy makeup at the drugstore because nothing matched my skin colour. But now, that has changed; there are variety of beauty products for skin types and makeup for all skin tones. 

5. There is amazing customer service at these stores. Sales reps are willing to help you find the right products for your skin. Often times, there is this belief that you can only get customized service at the high-end stores but this is not true. Sales reps at the drugstore are very open, patient, and open to helping you find the right products for your skin. 

What's your favourite drugstore beauty product? Let me know in the comment section!!

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*This post was originally posted in March 2017*