5 Movies To Watch Before You Start Your Internship

I did a internship last summer and it was such a fun and interesting experience!  So, I have decided to gather five movies that helped me prepare and guide me through my internship .

1.The Devil Wears Prada: This movie is not about an internship but Andy (Anne Hathaway) basically plays an overpaid intern. I love this movie because Andy hustles and so does Emily(Emily Blunt). These girls work so hard and there is basically no time for them to rest. When you're an intern, it is all about constantly doing stuff and running around for other people. It is hard work that often goes without any notice or gratitude but if you have good people around you, like I did, you were always thanked for your work!

2. The Intern: This movie is about an intern who is a senior. I love this movie because it shows you the highs and the low of being an intern. Sometimes you are running around and other times you are basically doing nothing. If you are lucky, you get to work with the main boss, who will hopefully notice you. I put this movie on here because it is about an internship, even though it lacks diversity in the film. But it is a Nancy Meyer film, so it is to be expected.

3.  The Internship: This movie shows how competitive an internship can be. Most of the time there are two or more interns, and all of you are wanting to be noticed and everyone is battling against each other for a chance to be hired. Being an intern is tough and often comes with a lot of doubt and competition. This movie shows the competitive side of an internship, along with the wonderful friends you will make!

4. Morning Glory: I love this movie. It has gotten me through a whole lot of tough times. It encouraged me to go back to school and to do what I love. This movie is about never giving up. Becky keeps going and going until she can't and when she can't go on, she finds another way to keep going. She works hard and that is what an internship is about. It is about working hard and not giving up even when there might not be a job at the end. You have to keep going.

5. Bridesmaid: Yes, this movie is about a wedding but the main character Annie shows how it is to struggle. Let's be honest, being an intern is basically working for free and that is a huge struggle. And although, the movie focuses on a wedding, the subtext of this movie is about a woman who has to start over. It is about how it feels to have failed and what it actually means to start over. When it comes to the intern life, everyday is about struggling,  learning, falling down and getting up again. Annie shows us that its hard to struggle when everyone around you might have their shit together, like having a job that actually pays.

What movies would you suggest for interns? Put them down below!!

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