5 Essential Oils For Hair Growth, Healthy Skin, & My Hair Care Routine

For the past year, I have been on the essential oils train. I will admit, I was super afraid of oils and it was something I did not want on my skin and hair. But, my friends Allyson and Joelle convinced me to try it and now I am so all about it!!

Over the past year, I have been using five essential oils that I feel have changed my skin and hair! 

1. Jamaican Black Castor Oil: This is the oil that I think is the miracle oil! It promotes hair growth and makes your hair long and healthy. It works to thicken your hair, moisturizes your hair, and scalp. You can add it to your regular hair conditioner and use it as a deep conditioner or you can also use it as a hot oil treatment. It is amazing!!  

2. Coconut Oil: I love coconut oil! For the longest time, it has been haled as the best oil! It has many health benefits but it also has so many hair and skin benefits. For hair, it prevents breakage which all of us need. It also moisturizes your hair and makes it hard for it to break. What is also amazing is, that it helps with the blood circulation of the scalp, while also acting as an antibacterial. For the skin, it is a natural way to moisturize your skin. It will prevent dry skin especially in the winter time. You can also use it as a makeup remover. 

3. Argan Oil: Argan oil smells so nice and it is such a great oil! Argan oil is good for softening hair and makes your hair shinier and silkier. You can add argan oil to your conditioner to give it that extra boost and shine. For the skin, it is great! It is high in vitamin E which is so good for both your hair and skin. 

shea butter
coconut and argan oil
jamacian black castor oil

4. Shea Butter: Shea butter is the kind of oil that is great for your hair and skin. The butter is good for moisturizing dry and damaged hair and skin. It works to repair damage hair and helps sooth itchy skin. It helps with dandruff and eczema, along with many hair and skin issues.

5. Lavender Oil: First of all, without reading about it; I put this oil on my face and I noticed such a difference. It is awesome for pimples, especially when you have a big one.  For the hair, it is good for nourishing the hair and scalp. It helps with blood circulation which helps with hair growth. For your skin, it helps with wounds and burns, it also helps with skin complexion and as I said it helps with acne. But it is also good for reducing anxiety, headaches, and emotional stress. 

Here is a video, where I talk about how I use essential oils to get healthy hair! Have a watch!!


Which ones of these essential oils are you gonna try? Tell me in the comment section!!

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