5 Books Coming Out This Spring You Need To Know About

Spring is almost here and I have gathered five books you need to know about for this season. From Young Adult sci-fi and dystopia, to New Adult romance, to literary fictions addressing very difficult subjects; these books are a must read!  

"Waking Lions" by Eyelet Gundar-Goshen: This novel focuses on neurosurgeon who hits an African man with his car and drives off. The wife of the victim shows up at his door, asking for something that money can't buy or fix. A suspenseful new drama written by a first time author. A must read!!

"Bang" By Barry Lyga: This heartbreaking novel follows a 14 year old boy, who at the age of four shot and killed his baby sister. Going where most novels rarely go, this book is a chilling story that is acutely apart of our society.

waking lions
bang by barry lygra

"New York 2140" by: Kim Stanley Robinson: Focused on how the city of New York will look like in the year 2140, the author tells the story of the city through different characters living in the same apartment building. If you are into sci-fi and futuristic novels, than this book is for you!

"Until It Fades" by: K.A TuckerCatherine is a 24 year old waitress with a five year old daughter, a troubled past, and a dysfunctional family. But on one faithful night, she sees a car accident and decides to risk her life to save a man. Turns out, the man is more important and famous than she could have imagined. This novel is about second chances and romance. A sweet read for anyone who loves romantic fictions.

until it fades by k.a tucker
defy the stars by claudia gray
new york 2140

"Defy The Stars" by: Claudia Gray:This novel explores the question we all don't want to ask. How will we as humanity deal with artificial intelligence? This novel follows Noemi, who is stranded on a space ship with a robot named Abel. Abel obeys her and helps her win a war that will destroy not only him but every other robot on earth. Like most YAs, this novel explores love and finding yourself. 

Which one of these books are you going to pick up? Let me know in the comment section!

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