4 Books To Read When You're Heart Broken

We have all have been heart broken and getting over it is not very easy. I have come up with four books to read when your heart is broken, when you're sad, and when love just sucks!

These books are heart warming, sweet, and they will give you a deep and good look into your heart break.

1. "Twilight" by: Stephanie Meyer: This book will remind you of the beginning stages of your love.

2."Hannah and Raymond" by: Stephen Marche: This one is for all the long distance lovers out there! 

3."Something Borrowed" by" Emily Giffin: This one is for those who's soulmate is with someone else. 

4."Who Do You Love" by: Jennifer Weiner" This one is for those who are on and off and on and off again. 

Watch the video below!! 

Watch the video down below! 

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