3 Personal Highlights & Lowlights From The Past Few Months


Starting A Skincare Business: So late last fall, two of my closest friends and I were chatting away in our whatapp group and we all came to the decision that we need to follow a pact we made when we were 12 years old! The pact was to go into a skincare business and 16 years later, we have decided to just do that. It is exciting and scary and we have no idea what is ahead but it is highlight because it is an adventure to be had.

Turing 28: So in January I turned 28. I wrote a blog post about it here if you want to have a read! But turning 28 has been quite life changing for me. I am learning about myself and I am starting to understand things from my past! I think 28 is going to be a big year for me because there is so much happening and there is so much I want this year. Most of all I am feeling excited for it all.

Bev's eye view
bev's eye view

Mending A Broken Friendship: Last August, a friend and I lost touch. She was a friend I had known since I was in grade 8. Our friendship always had its ups and downs and so when we lost touch last year, I didn’t do anything to fix it; because I had realized that sometimes people grow apart and that was okay. A week after my birthday she messaged me and we went out to dinner and hashed it all out. Now we are in the process of mending our friendship and it is both a wonderful and interesting journey but it is a good one!


Career/Blogging/YouTube: When I relaunched my blog in the fall of 2016, I had high hopes but none of them have been fulfilled. I think as someone who has always had to work for a living, it is hard to work full time and run a blog/youtube. I have seen so many people who started at the same time I did and they are soaring in success because they had financial support from family or partners, plus they got lucky. When it came to my youtube, I was not posting enough and I was not consistent. This was because I had limited time and I was working to make ends meet. It’s been hard to acknowledge that my lack of success was due to time and my own lack of time management. So I have changed things up. Going forward, there will be 2 videos (on Wednesdays and Sundays) a week on my Youtube channel, . One new blog post a week on Wednesdays with two reposts on Mondays and Fridays!  On the gram, there will be three Instagram posts per day, along with fun Instagram stories. So if you want to subscribe to my Youtube channel, I would greatly appreciate it, and if you want to follow me on Instagram, it would be amazing!

bev's eye view
Bev's eye view

Body Image: I think we all struggle with body image issues, I know I do! And lately I have been feeling insecure, ugly, and oh so fat. It is something I can’t seem to shake and it is a working progress. When I was younger, I used to suffer from low self-esteem and body image issues and they often got in the way of starting relationships and putting myself out there. And although I am older and wiser, I still struggle with these issues but now I have the tools to deal with them.

Love: Just like my career, love has been the weak spot in my life. I will admit that I have struggled in dating because I am awkward AF or I am too cautious to put myself out there. And yes, I have done online dating and what it had taught me is that it is not for me. But the question that leaves is what is for me? Especially if I am awkward online and in person, lol. It is something that I will admit makes me feel insecure but it is also something that does not consume my every thought. Because the truth is, I know he is out there and I also know that the career success I want is out there too.

What has been the highlight or lowlight for you in the past few months? Also, there is a new video below, so have a watch!

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