5 Ways To Deal With Anxiety

We all experience anxiety in our lives, sometimes it is severe and other times it is mild. As someone who struggles with anxiety, I have learned many ways to deal with it. Here are few tricks that help me when I feel too anxious to function!

Always Have a Distraction. This is something I learned in therapy and it has been my biggest tool! Think of something you like to do, is it reading, working out, singing, watching your favourite tv show? Whatever it is, have it ready at anytime of the day when an anxiety attack hits. For me, my anxiety revolves around health issues, so whenever I am freaking out, I reach for Netflix and put on "The Office". This show was so instrumental during my worst anxiety years. But the characters and the show have helped me so much that now it's hard to watch that show when I am anxiety free. But if ever an anxiety attack hits, I always pay a visit to the office.

Have People To Talk To. Sometimes our distractions don't work. And sometimes, our anxieties are based on stupid or unfounded ideas or thoughts. I think that is the worse, when your anxiety is not based on rational or real things. When this happens to me, I have a friend I talk to, my friend Paolo always knows what to say to bring me back to reality and when he is not around, I always think of what he would say. When I was younger, it was my friend Allyson, who would always know what to say to help me with my anxieties. Honestly, I have never even mentioned this to them...but sometimes, people have a way of making you feel better without knowing.

5 Ways to deal with anxiety
5 Ways to deal with anxiety

Do Something With your Hands/Go To Work. When I was younger and I would experience awful anxiety episodes, I would just not function. I couldn't eat, think, or sleep. But growing up has changed that for me! I find that when I am anxious, doing my daily work helps me. Going to work and being around my co-workers takes me out of my own head. Mostly, because I always have something to complain about at work and having my work buddy Kirija there helps a lot because we just chat about our lives and anything that is on our minds. When your anxiety is really bad it can be crippling...trust me I know, and I find the best way to deal with crippling anxiety is to go about my day and let my normal things distract me. This is tougher than it sounds but once you can do it, you will be amazed.

5 Ways to deal with anxiety
5 Ways to deal with anxiety

Talk It Out: This one is the weirdest because it actually involves talking out loud to yourself. I know, I know, its sounds super crazy but stick with me here. Sometimes, my anxieties are irrational, so, I will say my anxiety out loud to myself. If it sounds stupid or out of this world, then it helps me to calm down a bit. Sometimes, I say it out loud and it sounds valid, which can be very scary; so, I plan out how I can deal with it. I write down steps of things to do to fix whatever the source of the anxiety is. Once I do that, I often do step 1 to 3 and try my best to forget about it. It's weird but try it out!

Talk To A Professional: I can only write this article and give you these tips because I spent about a year and a half  in therapy talking to a professional. I can't say enough how important it is to talk to your doctor or going to see a therapist. It is life changing and it will make you mentally and physically healthy. It can be tough to sit in a room with a stranger and tell them about your issues especially when it makes you feel so raw, naked, and vulnerable; but I SWEAR TO YOU AND I PROMISE YOU, IT WILL HELP YOU AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOR THE BETTER. So, please give it a try! 

How do you deal with your anxieties? Let me know down below!

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*This article was originally published in May 2017*