A Round Of Bev's Eye View| Weekend Reading List

bev's eye view

How To Get Your First Freelance Client: For those who want to jump into freelance, this article has  great tips.

A Non-Writer’s Guide to Owning Writing: Great tips for new and old writers!

"The Wait Is Sexy" A TED Talk By: Yvonne Orji: An inspiring talk about virginity and self love.

Just Because I Don’t Wear Hijab, Doesn’t Mean I Need You To Pray For My Soul: This is such a good read for Muslim women but also for all women!

Six Personal Highlights & Lowlights From The Past Two Months: A look into the past few months of my life.

10 Quotes To Help You Deal With Anxiety, Depression & Fear In Your Everyday Life: Because we all deal with some sort of anxiety. 

What was the most interesting read for you? Put your thoughts down below!

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